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Via San Carlo, 1 – Loc. Poggio Piccolo
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A logistics built around the customer

In a framework in which rapid responses to market needs are becoming increasingly important, an efficient logistics organisation is essential to meet market expectations. Berardi’s distribution system is made up of a modern head office, located in Castel Guelfo (BO), with centralised main services (Personnel, Administration, Technical, Purchasing, Logistics and Quality), and a network of peripheral warehouses, widely covering the domestic territory, with stock sized on the need of local customers. The business structure focuses on offering the best efficiency in terms of service and technical support.
This system, which is perfectly replicated in all the warehouses, boasts high flexibility and computerization and ensures a rigorous traceability of the batches and, for most of the items, also their origin. We are thus able to quickly meet the specific needs of customers in terms of customised labelling, electronic exchange / real-time information sharing and Kanban and Kanban Up service management.
The continual investments, also in logistics and research and development of innovative services, allow us to propose ourselves as the ideal partner for the management of class C parts.
The reward of having an ever-growing number of customers encourages us to continue along this path.

Quality without compromise

“Quality without compromise” is not just a slogan but has been a “strong belief” of the company since its launch. The starting point for minimising the risk of product defects definitely lies within the careful selection of the supply sources made through an audit carried out by qualified staff
and a deep knowledge of the suppliers. Alongside this, we can also tag a laboratory that is among
the best equipped in our field. As a result of our customer requirements and the development of innovative technologies, it is constantly improved with new instruments and specific staff training.
Quality system certification is another sign of the constant care taken to improve the product and the services offered. State of the art equipment includes the traction machine, the salt spray chamber, the micro hardness machine set, the magnatest, the digital system of optical measuring and sorting machines with optical and laser devices to satisfy customers who require defectiveness expressed in parts per million (ppm).

Custom special parts

The significant partnerships that we have developed over the years with our suppliers, allow us today to confront the distinct requirements for custom special parts with competitiveness and quality. We can therefore deal with requests for hot forged parts (for medium-large sized and small series) or cold forged parts (when quantities needed are larger) by using the most economic machines for simple items, moving to multi-station machinery when the shape of the parts
becomes particularly complex. We feel equally competitive in the supply of parts requiring chip removal (turned); we have the possibility of choosing traditional machines to reduce the manufacturing costs for simple parts, or more sophisticated and complete CNC machinery when the shape and precision to detail is needed. We believe we have convenient solutions even
for large batches thanks to special multi-spindle lathes. In the market sector of materials and protective coatings, our experience now covers all of the most common types established on the market.

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