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Italian technology since 1982

Atlantic Man is an Italian company, specialized for over forty years in the development and production of professional clamping solutions, designed to meet the needs of different sectors, such as agricultural, naval, automotive, food, industrial and DIY.

The range of fastening systems offered by Atlantic Man includes stainless steel bolt clamps, designed for heavy-duty applications, screw clamps, for all standard applications, and wire clamps, suitable for soft and spiral hoses.

Hose and heavy-duty clamps made by Atlantic Man are 100% Made in Italy and manufactured in compliance with all the standards of processing and selection of materials laid down in the RoHS Directive (Regulation 2002/95/EC of 1 July 2006).

The high-quality standards, the process controls and the experience gained in more than 40 years of constant presence in national and international fastening markets, allow Atlantic Man to provide to its customers extremely reliable products, to firmly secure any type of connection by protecting hoses from leaks and damages.

Always focused on providing to its customers a complete, precise, and punctual service, Atlantic Man is actively engaged not only to support them in the choice of the most suitable solution, but also to welcome any request for customization, developing products on specific design according to their actual technical and production needs.

The drive for innovation and the attention to the continuous market changes, moreover, encourage the company to constantly invest in research and development to keep up with the latest technologies and production methods and offer increasingly performing clamping systems at a competitive price.

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