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Steel Plastic offers a wide range of containers, drawers and organizers made of thermoplastic resins that, combined with our line of cabinets, trolleys and metal accessories guarantee a practical and functional organization of the space, combining safety for the end user and the best quality/price ratio. Special attention is given to environmental impact, continuously investing in eco-friendly technologies, systems and procedures to minimize the impact of production.

Nowadays quality and technical expertise are main measures to compete in the industry and they are the basics elements of our company strategy. Steel Plastic is placed in the global market with cutting-edge know-how for competitiveness, technology, innovation and quality standards able to ensure, through the design and customization of its products, solutions able to satisfy all customer needs. 

steel plastic lavorazione
steel plastic cassettiere portaminuteria trasparenti
steel plastic organizer
steel plastic organizer in resina termoplastica
steel plastic cassette storage

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