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From Brianza, home of the Furniture in the North of Milan, to the international competitiveness: MACO challenges the future, focusing on production flexibility between standardized and customized “Made in Italy”.

MACO was able to evolve from the production of small metal parts to the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art furniture fittings. Completely Made in Italy.

Push-latches, magnetic catches, castors, furniture fittings, small fittings and special items with more and more flexible settings, finishes in different colours, plastic and metal materials together. A wide range to show always new solutions and to meet the demands of designers, manufacturers and retailers.

Turning, milling, threading, plastic injection moulding, die cutting, assembling, packing are the stages of MACO’s processing to guarantee a product with quality characteristics which mirror into the final product, increasing the furniture quality and its function.

Not only production and sale, MACO also deals with the design and customization of the products and it is flexible to offer specific products even for small quantities.

This has led to the growth of a production niche for manufacturing customized articles even in other areas than furniture, like lightings, mechanics, taps or electronics. MACO is then an appreciated supplier even across the border of wood and furniture.

In the current location (6.000 covered square meters on an area of 10.000 square meters) MACO works with specialized employees, whether for Italy or for Export in 58 foreign Countries so as to spread the Made in Italy and its well-known qualities.

95% of the turnover is coming from the production of serial furniture fittings and 5% from bespoken orders which do not involve large amounts, but which witness MACO’s versatility and ability to do different things.

Creativity, design, quality of materials, flexibility of processing and customized service have placed since 1955 MACO on the same level of any high-profile German manufacturer.

MACO is leader in the Hardware and Furniture Fittings.

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stampaggio materie plastiche, maco
stampaggio plastica estrazione, maco
cricchetti a scatto, maco
presse stampaggio metallo, maco
magazzini, maco
cricchetto 499, maco
cricchetto 498, maco
cricchetto 497, maco
cricchetto 496, maco
cricchetti a scatto, maco
chiusura magnetica 652, maco
chiusura magnetica 781, maco
chiusura magnetica 722, maco
chiusura magnetica 670, maco
chiusura magnetica 647, maco
chiusura magnetica 640, maco
fermaporte 145, maco
fermaporte 290, maco
fissaggio 951, maco
fissaggio 415, maco
fissaggio 416, maco
minuteria in plastica 185, maco
minuteria in plastica, 135
minuteria metallica 237, maco
minuteria metallica 236, maco
minuteria metallica 132, maco
minuteria metallica 620, maco
minuteria metallica 621, maco
minuteria metallica 624, maco
ruote 587, maco
ruote 581, maco
ruote 566, maco
ruote, maco
ruote vetrina, maco

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