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From Brianza, the homeland of furniture, to international competitiveness: MACO challenges the future, focusing on the flexibility of Made in Italy production, from standard to “custom design.”

The origin and industrial-commercial development of MACO, a production hub in Brianza specialized in hardware for the furniture industry, confirm that, within the realm of “Made in Italy,” it has evolved from the processing of metal components to the design and production of cutting-edge accessories for furniture.

Push-latches, magnetic catches, castors, furniture accessories, small fittings, and special items with increasingly flexible adjustments, in various colours, combining plastic and metal materials, to continually offer new solutions and meet the demands of designers, manufacturers, and retailers.

The company’s production cycle, including all various internal stages – turning, milling, threading, moulding, blanking, assembly, and packaging – guarantees a “Made in Italy” product. Its quality characteristics are directly reflected in the final product, elevating the overall quality of the furniture and its functionality.

In addition to production and sales, MACO is also involved in the design and customization of products, showcasing its flexibility in line with the profound transformation of a market demanding targeted products and contained production batches.

This has expanded the niche production of special items upon request and customer-designed products, even in sectors beyond furniture, such as lighting, mechanics, plumbing, or electronics, with a dedicated department developed to qualify MACO as an esteemed supplier beyond the borders of wood and furniture.

At its current location, with over 6,000 square meters covered in an area of 10,000: MACO operates with specialized staff, serving the domestic market and exporting to 58 foreign countries, contributing to the expansion of Made in Italy and its esteemed qualities. Ninety-five percent of the production of furniture hardware consists of standard catalogue products, while the remaining five percent comprises custom orders, steadily growing despite being a tailor-made production that does not generate large figures. This testifies to MACO’s versatility and capacity to think and produce extremely different articles.

From 1955 to today, MACO attests, through its history and future developments, the possibility of elevating the Made in Italy status of accessories and furniture hardware to the same level as renowned traditions, like those of Germany, with creativity, design, material quality, manufacturing flexibility, custom service, and commercial adaptability as characteristics of a company attentive to market changes.

MACO, a leader in Furniture Hardware and Accessories.

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