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Pavan Ernesto & Figli S.p.a. is a family company located in Arcade near Treviso, rich in history and traditions.
It is the only Italian manufacturer which designs and produces all the components of a wide range of building tools, including trowels, scrapers, brushes, knives, finishing trowels and fine arts tools: a core business which has been run for over 150 years and represents a guaranty of the “made in Italy” high quality with its “Ancora” trademark.
Pavan produces the wides range of spatulas in the market today. The variety of its range can satisfy all professional uses. Pavan’s hand tools are characterised by an handle made with selected types of wood (beech, acacia), to obtain better resistance, tempered steel blade of variable thicknesses; flexibility and toughness are guaranteed in each job for best results.
Ernesto Pavan, the founder of Pavan Ernesto & Figli, with his cleverness and enterprise transformed a small workshop in a well established factory.
Nowadays the “Ancora” trademark is leader in the Italian market of builders tools, and besides Europe has extended its presence also in America, Asia and Oceania.
Six cousins Gianfranco, Romeo, Elvi, Nello, Lucio and Valerio Pavan represent the third generation which runs the company: they are so fond of their job that since their young days they have been interested and took part in the various stages of evolution and renovation of the company. Their experience has grown year after year and now they are proud to be producers of the whole range of the Ancora trademark, and not just traders.
In the production plant, located at Arcade, 60 skilled workers, most of which lives nearby, work on modern machines; still a workshop for the production of special handcraft fine-arts tools is fully operating.
Technological research and investments play an important role in the creation of strong, ergonomic and lasting tools at Pavan Ernesto & Figli. The focus on customers’ feedback ensures the production of tools that meet precisely the end-user expectation. All the items are individually inspected to guaranty the highest quality to our customers.
With a sale network covering all Italy and an export office serving a wide international market (America, Asia and Oceania), Pavan Ernesto & Figli tools can be found in the professional shops, building stores and fine-arts studios around the globe.
The Pavan company maintains a professional image associated to a quality and traditional experience, that offer builders and craftsmen a safe “anchor” for their work.

Cazzuola eccelsa punta quadra
Cazzuola eccelsa punta tonda

eccelsa trowel

Art.1001 – Art. 1006

Thanks to the continuous process of innovation and search based on the study and the analysis of the applications of the tools and the ergonomic use Pavan has recently created ECCELSA , the new trowel to set a standard. ECCELSA is stronger, more manageable and innovative than other trowels and can be considered the trowel par excellence.
The first characteristic to emphasize is the innovative ergonomic handle that allows to a greater handiness and comfort of use of the tool.
The thickness of the tempered steel blade of the ECCELSA trowel ensures flexibility and resistance for normal use during work;load tests have shown extreme strength under all.
The ECCELSA trowel is available in several measures, to round tip or tip quadrant.

Also ECCELSA trowels are guaranteed from the “Ancora “ brand, that is synonymous of indisputed quality and attention to the requirements of the professional.

frattone ori di venezia



The Pavan brand, ever ready to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, now presents the trowel art. 844- “Gli ori di Venezia” range – the only tool specifically designed for the application of Venetian stucco and of lime putty in the finishing stages.
Extreme lightness and the traditional strength merge in a single and innovative utensil which thanks to the treatment of the profile of the blade makes it possible to achieve a perfect polish and excellent quality in the finished work.

The exclusive and innovative ergonomic grip patented ECCELSA PLUS, by increasing the grip section for the fingers prevents the hand from turning round the grip, thus enabling greater force to be applied to the utensil during use.

In addition the extension of the rubber coating ensures greater comfort throughout the various phases of use.
The joining of the blade to the support is checked at each processing phase. Severe tests of resistance to bending ensure the sturdiness and long duration of the tool.
Once again the “Ancòra” brand by Pavan offers a specially designed tool to specifically meet the requirements of the professional and help him get the best results in his work.

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