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Castello di Salasco gluten free couscous Italy export
Castello di Salasco Corn and Rice Couscous Italy Export

Couscous is a food that is becoming more and more popular because it is healthy and easy to prepare. It can be accompanied by meat, fish and vegetables, in short, it satisfies everyone’s tastes. Traditionally it is made of wheat semolina and this prohibits its consumption by coeliacs.

Castello di Salasco therefore proposes a selection of couscous made with rice, corn or legumes which also allow people with celiac disease to enjoy this dish of North African origin.

In particular, the company offers couscous with rice, corn and rice and chickpeas and lentils, and organic ones are also available. The latter combination is also great for vegan people due to its high vegan protein content.

The proposals of Castello di Salasco were part of the selection of SIAL INNOVATION 2022 in Paris. Its goal has always been to use its products for the creation of innovative proposals that can satisfy different food needs, but always keeping the tradition and quality that distinguishes its production at the base.


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