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Molino Dallagiovanna base per pizza mordiQUA®
Molino Dallagiovanna nuova base per pizza mordiQUA®


Molino Dallagiovanna has choosen the showcase of CIBUS 2024 to reveal mordiQUA®. The milling company has presented the new base for pizza and focaccia, crunchy on the outside, delicate and light on the inside and melting to bite. It is produced, pre-cooked and blast chilled, with a core temperature of -18°C / -0.4°F. To regenerate mordiQUA® simply remove it from the freezer, season it to taste, finish the baking in the oven (at a moderate temperature based on the characteristics of the oven and the ingredients used) and serve it.

“We have conceived a versatile and customizable product, capable of embracing the needs of professionals, allowing them to standardize work, saving time, speeding up service, reducing waste – underlines Sabrina Dallagiovanna, Sales Marketing Manager of Molino Dallagiovanna -. We have chosen CIBUS to present an absolute news, believing this event to be the ideal meeting point for the excellence of agri-food Made in Italy “.

Types and formats
mordiQUA® is available for the Horeca/foodservice channels in two versions: mordiQUA® CLASSIC for those who love a crunchy base for pizza and focaccia, with a traditional taste and golden colour, mordiQUA® MULTI-CEREAL for those who love a crunchy base for pizza and focaccia, with distinctive and strong flavour taste and a darker colour, thanks to the presence of wholemeal flour, cereals and seeds. The formats provided are: 19×29 cm, 19×39 cm, 25×39 cm, 25×54 cm and Ø25 cm.

The ingredients
The raw materials chosen for the doughs are 100% natural (EVO oil, water, salt and mother yeast to ensure natural leavening). The Molino Dallagiovanna flours used for mordiQUA® are produced from washed wheat and slow, cold milling, fully respecting the organoleptic characteristics of the grains. These are highly hydrating doughs, demonstrating the strategic importance that water plays in the processing of Molino Dallagiovanna products.

Other product news for 2024
CIBUS 2024 was also the showcase to illustrate two other new 2024 references from the Molino Dallagiovanna range, already available for “white art” professionals: Uniqua Magenta and Uniqua Arancio (Orange), both type 2, therefore with a greater bran component than the others typologies. In particular, Uniqua Magenta is the flour with the greatest strength, ideal for biga and sourdough, long-leavened pizzas and focaccias, panettone, colomba, brioches and croissants. It is a product rich in bran, but still very extensible, which allows to have large-melting the palate, tasty and has high performance baking products. Uniqua Arancio (Orange), on the other hand, of medium-weak strength, is used for direct processing, breadsticks, crackers, fast-rising pizzas and focaccias, for shortcrust, sponge cakes, plum cakes and biscuits. It is also ideal for all types of direct method bread and fresh pasta. Finally, the Uniqua range is available in a new format: together with the 25 kg and the 1 kg, all Uniqua references are now also available in 10 kg packs, which are more practical and easier to manage and store.

During CIBUS 2024, Molino Dallagiovanna has offered tastings of pizzas, pasta and pastries made by Giovanni Spera, Molino Dallagiovanna technical Master Pizzaiolo, by Walter Zanoni, Pasta Master, by Mirko Petracci from the Italian Association of Ambassadors of Taste, and by Luca Rubicondo, winner of the first edition of Pastry Bit Competition and Pastry Ambassador Molino Dallagiovanna 2024.

About Molino Dallagiovanna
Founded in 1832 in Gragnano Trebbiense, in the province of Piacenza by Mrs. Ernesta, Molino Dallagiovanna produces over 450 flours, from traditional ones for bread, pizza, pasta and desserts to gluten- and lactose-free lines. Leader in the pastry sector, the company is today led by the fifth generation – with cousins Pier Luigi and Sergio Dallagiovanna – and by the sixth represented by Paolo, Sabrina, Renza and Stefania who work in close synergy. In almost two hundred years, the mill has evolved and grown to become one of the most productive companies in the milling sector, capable of exporting Italian food values and excellence abroad to over 60 countries around the world. 


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