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Rinaldini Pastry dessert monoporzione
Rinaldini Pastry dessert monoporzione Venere Nera
Rinaldini Pastry dessert monoporzione Rio
Rinaldinin Pastry Dessert Monoporzione Sweet Melody

A selection of extraordinary creations born from the genius of Maestro Roberto Rinaldini. Each of his creations is a work of culinary art, a visible expression of his genius and passion for gastronomic excellence.

Rinaldini’s creations are not just desserts, they are true statements of mastery and pure passion. Every dessert is the result of a relentless pursuit of perfection, bold experimentation and a deep love of fine flavors and textures.

His works truly embody the exquisite aesthetic, wisely combining the aesthetic of the design with the sublime taste. Each dessert is a symphony of harmoniously orchestrated flavors, a dance of sweet and savory, soft and crisp, sour and sweet, enveloping the palate in a timeless taste melody.

And now, the magic of Rinaldini’s desserts is finally accessible to everyone, thanks to the convenient take-away size of its iconic single-portions. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can enjoy these delights, thanks to their packaging that guarantees unparalleled freshness and quality.

When you choose Rinaldini’s desserts you live an extraordinary sensory experience, a journey through the boundaries of taste and elegance. Whether you are a dessert enthusiast or a food lover in search of new culinary thrills, our creations will never disappoint. Savor and share Rinaldini desserts and turn every single moment into a special celebration.

Try them all anddiscover all the flavors.
VENERE NERA: Crunchy gianduia wafer, hazelnut Bavarian cream, 64% Madagascar chocolate mousse, cocoa glaze.
LAS VEGAS: Crunchy gianduia wafer, mascarpone and vanilla Bavarian cream, raspberry pulp, 66% chocolate mousse and white chocolate and raspberry glaze.
SWEET MELODY: Crunchy white chocolate and hazelnut croccantino, exotic fruit cream, red fruit puree, pistachio panna cotta, velvety vanilla cream and white chocolate glaze.
RIO: Cocoa bacio di dama cake with exotic fruit cream, coconut dacquoise, white chocolate mousse and white chocolate and mango glaze.
CHEESECAKE: Almond crumble Sbrisolona cake, with velvety cream cheese, raspberry puree
SACHER: Cocoa and hazelnut flour sponge cake, orange infusion, orange flavoured liqueur, 70% chocolate cream, apricot jam and cocoa glaze
TIRAMISU: Sponge cake, espresso coffee drizzle, light mascarpone cream and cocoa powder on top.
FIOR DI PISTACCHIO: Soft pistachio cake, velvety pistachio cream and pistachio glaze.


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