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tartlets and more: when breakfast is synonymous of quality

Forno in Fiore crostatine alla crema

Today’s bars and hotellerie are paying more and more attention to a breakfast that satisfies everyone’s taste, in which numerous aspects must coincide, including quality, goodness, variety, digestibility and zero waste. This is where Forno in Fiore offers its wide range of references for the “most important meal of the day” and more.

First choice ingredients and craftsmanship characterise the offer in such a way as to guarantee fresh taste, high digestibility and long conservation thanks to deep-freezing.

Among the many sweet proposals are cream and apricot tartlets, available in a ready-baked version: simply thaw them for fifteen minutes at room temperature and then brush with a beaten whole egg or sugar syrup, then bake at 180/190° for a quarter of an hour. A real “trump card” for having everything you need to satisfy your customers in just 30 minutes.

These pluses make it possible to make good, fragrant and digestible products, able to respond to an increasingly attentive and demanding public.


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