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The first of an ever increasing number of screws is dated back to 1919, the year in which Giulio Berardi open a screws and bolts shop in the heart of Bologna.

In 1960 Berardi Bullonerie moves from his shop in the city centre into a large warehouse, well equipped to accommodate what in the meantime has become a real company and a big player within Emilia Romagna, known as the cradle of the precision mechanics business.

Other than the product range, Berardi also begins to offer some services that will become the driving force of its business.

In the ‘80s, the company makes its entry into the domestic market, being appreciated in the industrial field of medium and large Italian companies.

The rising turnover volumes, the quality requirements and the increasing demand of customised services over the years require new facilities with suitable warehouses and continual organisational and capital investments.

In 2006, thanks to the acquisition of historic competitors, the group becomes one of the largest Fasteners distributors within the domestic market. Today, at the fourth family generation, the Berardi operates in its new 11,000 square meters facility and keeps growing while looking beyond Italian borders.

The new facility has an extension of 11,000 square meters and includes warehouses and offices;
it manufactures 45,000 articles such as screws, fasteners and class C items. The building houses the following departments: Purchasing, Sales, Technical, Quality, Kanban, Logistics, Administration and Finance. Berardi Bullonerie’s continual investments are a clear sign of the company’s willingness to provide total support to customers as well as services aimed at satisfying the most varied requirements. Care, quality, lighting and space are key factors in a place where every day our employees work to ensure that the Berardi Group and its 15 branches throughout Italy duly deliver their services.


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