IVARS presents:

a versatile and practical cd nut cover and prms corner protector

Ivars copridado CD e paraspigolo PRMS
Ivars copridado CD
Ivars paraspigolo PRMS

Ivars S.p.A. further expands its 2024 range of accessories with two products highly demanded by the market: a new nut cover and a corner protector.

Unveiled at the recent Sicam exhibition, these new accessories cover a vast range of applications, aligning with Ivars’ tradition of offering multifunctional elements designed to discreetly and efficiently finish and complete furnishings for a wide variety of different environments. The CD nut cover is made of black polyethylene and is available in three sizes for M8, M10, and M12 nuts, making it ideal for plumbing, industrial and household applications. Together with this, Ivars offers the new PRMS shaped corner protector, expanding its existing collection. Also made of black polyethylene, it can be used on shelves, cabinets or bookcases. This element is 10 cm high and belongs to a comprehensive range capable of meeting all the requirements where such small elements are essential to define furniture corners in homes, schools, offices and various other settings. The versatility of Ivars’ accessories stands as a hallmark of excellence within the offerings of the Vestone-based company. Over the years, the company has specialised in moulding plastic materials to meet diverse furnishing needs. Their extensive range of products epitomises a precise company vision shared by the “people of Ivars.” Sharing and teamwork drive the company, which, thanks to everyone’s contribution, continuously offers innovative products and projects while catering to both the general market and individual customer demands. The exceptional specialisation of Ivars’ accessories division, which has been in operation for over 75 years, stems from a never-ending pursuit of practical and functional products. Accessories are the heart and soul of Ivars’ operations, and the breadth of the range available today is testimony to the company’s continual growth, which consistently delivers efficient solutions year after year.


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