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extra virgin olive oil

olio dop veneto, redoro
cuore olio, redoro
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 The olives destined for the production of REDORO extra virgin olive oil come from cultivars typical of the area such as Nostrano, Favarol, Grignano as well as many others. Of these, only those of the highest quality, 100% ITALIAN and WITHOUT GMO’s, are collected exclusively by hand using special combs and immense nets, respecting the olive groves according to antique farming tradition.

Delivered to the olive mill the same day of harvesting, the olives are carefully selected, and only the best and healthiest are successively subjected to milling, according to a technologically advanced process, that ensures that the temperature never exceeds 27°C, thus guaranteeing cold extraction. Thanks to a Mediterranean climate that offers mild temperatures and a territory that is well-ventilated and without fog or stagnating water, this terrain produces an oil rich in flavour that is characterized by a delicate aroma that is fruity and rich in complex aromatic olfactory sensations.



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