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GIA pasta d'aglio e pasta di peperoncino
GIA pasta d'aglio
GIA pasta d'aglio e tartare

GIA garlic is produced to a unique formula based on an authentic Italian recipe. Careful handling retains the full fragrance and unique taste of garlic. GIA garlic puree can be used in all recipes which call for garlic such as garlic bread, sauces, roast meat, stews, casseroles.

A tube of GIA Garlic Purée should have a place of honour in every pantry, because it solves a lot of “garlic-related problems” all at once: it lasts long in the pantry or in the fridge, so it’s always available, it’s immediate to use, measure and blend with other ingredients and, last but not least, it has a delicious taste, providing all the rich aroma of garlic without the raw pungency it can have sometimes.

GIA Garlic Purée can be added in the first stage of a preparation, for a milder note, or at the end of cooking for a more intense one. It can be used as a marinade or as a base, on its own just with oil or butter, or along other aromatics to start any traditional Italian dish, be it a sauce, soup, braise, stew, even baked goods like bread and focaccia. Its flavour completes and enhances every savoury ingredient you can think of: tomato-based sauces, seafood, meat and every kind of vegetables and legumes, but GIA Garlic Purée is so good and mild at the same time that can be even eaten alone on fresh or toasted bread, along with a schmear of good butter or a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
It’s also the perfect ingredient to enhance vinaigrettes, dressings and sauces (like a tasty garlicky mayonnaise), not only Italian-style, but in dishes from all over the world in which you desire a gentle and not overpowering garlic aroma.


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