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Making it easier to use garlic in the kitchen since 1980.
GIA was founded in 1980 in San Carlo in the province of Ferrara, in Emilia Romagna, an area with a strong agricultural and culinary tradition. The idea came from growing garlic and from a brainwave by the founder, Modesto Giberti, to create a product that would make it easier to use. GIA’s goal was to make a handy, long-life packaged product, that would keep the same flavours as the fresh product, without leaving any odours on hands after use.
With this in mind, GIA wanted to bring the unmistakable flavour of garlic to dinner tables all over the world.

The Idea
The idea was to make a garlic puree with the finest ingredients, packaged in a format that would ensure its quality and organoleptic properties over time: an aluminium tube.

It is still made to this day just like it was 40 years ago, with all the attention to detail and passion which have always been a hallmark of GIA. During these years the Company extended the range of products with the aim of giving consumers quality and convenient products like sundried tomato puree, chilli puree, onion puree, shallot puree, green pesto, anchovy paste and soffritto vegetable base mix.
They are obtained from carefully selected ingredients, controlled and processed using modern equipment.

Convenience and quality are the hallmark features of GIA products, as they are a useful tool for making dishes, without sacrificing any quality or flavour.
Thanks to the handy tube, anyone who uses GIA seasonings can say goodbye to food waste, as they can always measure out the right amounts to make the dish.

GIA products let you personalise recipes in the kitchen. They can be used raw or cooked, as seasoning, a sauce or as a base ingredient, leaving plenty of room for creativity and imagination.
Easy to use, always ready and with a unique flavour, GIA tubes are perfect for everyone, from beginners to experts.

The passion for what we do and attention to detail is what makes the difference: from choosing and selecting the ingredients to the production process and distribution.
GIA products are unmistakable and enjoyed all around the world.

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GIA pasta allo scalogno
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