roman flat bread

sezione focaccia romana alla pala, bassini antico forno della romagna
focaccia alla pala romana, bassini antico forno della romagna
focaccia alla pala romana farcita, bassini antico forno della romagna

One of the products that characterizes the offer of Bassini1963 is the original recipe of the Roman flat bread.
It is the result of the skilful artisanal processing techniques of the Bassini bakery, it is flattened and seasoned by hand, enriched with extra virgin olive oil, highly hydrated (in fact, it contains 80% water compared to flour), long leavening, and cooked on soapstone. This is a highly digestible product, suitable to be enjoyed in its natural state, in order to appreciate its simplicity and authenticity, or stuffed with other delicious ingredients. Made with genuine and carefully selected raw materials, and thanks to its versatile shape, it lends itself to the creation of excellent recipes to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The line of focaccia alla Pala also includes other variants that include the use of special flours, such as the tasty focaccia alla Pala Romana with cereals, made with a delicious mixture of cereals and seeds, or the Romanina, an original small flat bread in the convenient 80 gram format.


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