26 / 28 February 2023

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Bologna, 29th March 2022

More than 500 producers from 19 countries are already looking forward to the next edition, from February 26 to 28, 2023

“Now that the protagonists of the Slow Wine Coalition have finally met, we have greater awareness of the collective challenges we face and better tools with which to face them.” Giancarlo Gariglio, coordinator of the Slow Wine Coalition.

The Fair consisted of three days of meetings and masterclasses, but above all a dialog around the pillars of the Slow Food Manifesto for good, clean and fair wine, as signed by all the participating exhibitors. “Only together can we promote the ecological transition and ensure that viticulture plays a leading role in projects that combine environmental sustainability, landscape conservation, and social equity. Viticulture has always been a pioneering sector in agriculture, and it must continue to be so,” continues Gariglio.

“Sana Slow Wine Fair marks an important step for BolognaFiere. We’ve long hosted events focused on organic products and sustainability, but now we open up to that leading edge of the wine world which is building a greener future through their commitment to the values of Slow Food. We are proud to have hosted 542 wineries from around the world as well as over 6000 buyers, professionals and enthusiasts, and hope to greet even more at the second edition next year”, comments Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere.

The countries of Northern Europe, especially Germany and Denmark, together with the United States, were the best-represented countries among the large number buyers, who came to Sana Slow Wine Fair to meet hundreds of slow wineries in person.

“The wines we tasted and the people we met will help us to satisfy the interests and expectations of our customers. The wide selection of wineries, with a prevalence of organic and biodynamic companies, and the focus on conscious consumption and natural wines, make this event a new cornerstone of the international trade fair scene, if we consider those who want to meet the needs of a more expansive market, one that looks beyond the characteristics of the wine in the glass, to all 360 degrees of its production,” affirms Swedish buyer Niklas Eriksson of Excellent Drinks. “If the structure of the fair remains the same, with the opportunity to meet new producers who adhere to the Slow Food values, I really think we’ll be back next year,” echo US-based buyers Garry Tornberg and Zachary Harris.

Towards the Ecological Transition

Sana Slow Wine Fair is not just a trade fair but above all an opportunity to exchange stories and experiences, where producers are able to share their common challenges collectively. At the heart of the discussions was the climate crisis, whose effects are seen in the extraordinary drought impacting grape cultivation. No surprise then, that wineries are focusing on environmentally–sustainable practices to reduce their water footprint, and preserve the vitality of the soil. The role of the winemaker in the conservation of the landscape and social equity are just as important, whether it’s through projects to share machinery and production facilities or investments in the cultural growth of their communities, in particular their own workers.

The Sana Slow Wine Fair around the world

During the event the first edition of Slow Wine China guide was presented: it represents an introduction to the cutting-edge of a national wine scene which is rapidly evolving. The Slow Wine China guide joins other Slow Wine guides dedicated to the wines of Slovenia, the United States of America and North Macedonia. The guide is available in English in e-book format. Slow Wine Fair was also the occasion for the launch of a new Slow Food Presidium in Croatia for Vin de Rosa, an aromatic sweet wine with a characteristic aroma of rose petals.

Sana Slow Wine Fair was organized by BolognaFiere with a concept by Slow Food, in partnership with FederBio and Confcommercio Ascom Bologna, with the support of the Italian Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry, the Italian Trade Agency and the Emilia Romagna Region. The event was made possible thanks to the support of partners who believe in the values and objectives of the event.

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