23 / 25 February 2025

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Market data confirm consumer interest in organic products. What is changing are choices, methods and purchasing channels, with a concomitant evolution of the exhibition proposal by BolognaFiere, declined in the SANA Food and SANA Beauty formulas.

Nuremberg, 14 February 2024 – The recent snapshot taken by Nomisma on the consumption of organic products in Italy tells of a market in evident transformation. Carried out as part of the Being Organic in Eu project promoted by FederBio in collaboration with Naturland and co-financed by the European Union pursuant to EU Reg. n.1144/2014, the survey shows how organic products maintain a key role in the agrifood supply chain and in consumer preferences, so much so that the Italian domestic market will exceed 5.4 billion euros in 2023 (+18% compared to 2022). These figures, however, are part of a framework of increasing attention to spending and a growing orientation towards sustainable choices, attentive to the healthiness of products and their origin.

An evolution in consumption and sector trends that will translate into a new concept of trade fair event, moving from a product fair to a channel fair: BolognaFiere – one of the leading operators on the world trade fair scene – has already adopted this approach with MARCA by BolognaFiere, where more than 250 organic companies exhibit each year, mainly interested in the large-scale retail segment and who find their most suitable visitor in this event. Similarly, BolognaFiere will organise SANA, the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products, offering its client companies profiled targets of visitors from the specialised sector, Ho.Re.Ca and Food Service, with the aim of helping them consolidate and expand their business areas, identifying the most appropriate trade fair platforms from time to time.

«The decision to focus on channel fairs, rather than a single product fair, stems from the need to intercept the different targets of interest for companies in a more targeted manner. SANA – which in recent years has embarked on a significant journey of transformation, at the same time fostering dialogue and collaboration between producers and buyers in the sector – has been able and willing to listen to the market and its protagonists, and this is why, starting in 2025, it will offer them separate exhibition platforms, divided by product sector and channel,» says Domenico Lunghi, Director of Exhibitions Direct of BolognaFiere.


A forerunner of trends in the world of organic and natural consumption, strong in its 35 years of experience and listening to the needs of its companies, from 2025 SANA will be developed within two specific events.

SANA Food, from 23 to 25 February 2025, organised in collaboration with FederBio, presenting itself at the same time as Slow Wine Fair, will become the ideal space for sector trends in organic and sustainable food.
In addition to hosting the initiatives and in-depth discussions promoted by the Being Organic in Eu project, SANA Food will provide trade visitors with a wide range of organic, healthy and sustainable food, together with good, fair and clean wine. An all-round proposal that will allow the world of, specialised shops (but also distribution), to meet an Italian and international production structure based on ethics of production, work and the environment, and of course on quality.

SANA Beauty, on the other hand, will take place in March, simultaneously and integrated with Cosmoprof Worldwide, in a hall dedicated to the world of natural and organic cosmetics. Flanked by its historic partner, Gruppo Cosmetici a connotazione Naturale ed Erboristica di Cosmetica Italia-Associazione nazionale imprese cosmetiche, SANA Beauty will enrich the exhibition offering by consolidating the classic visitation of herbalist shops with the target of green cosmetics, creating new international opportunities for exhibitors, thanks to the expertise of Cosmoprof Wordlwide, which will promote and co-organise the event.
The world of personal care with natural, organic and sustainable products will be particularly well represented in the 2025 edition with specific business areas and identified paths of all the companies with a natural connotation present at the event.

«In a constantly evolving market, it is crucial for companies and buyers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Although declined on different platforms, SANA will continue to be a unique opportunity for training and information, but also an essential moment to discover and present the most innovative solutions by companies producing healthy, green organic and natural products,» concludes Domenico Lunghi.

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