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HOURS: 3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Non-food scenario: consumption by sales channel and trends – E-commerce post pandemic and physical stores – Sustainability and environment: what the consumer thinks Edited by GS1 Italy

Organized by GS1 Italy in collaboration with MarcaByBolognaFiere

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Press Release


Appointment on January 16 and 17, 2024 at the Bologna’s Exhibition centre with the 20th edition of the only Italian event dedicated to the private label.

Marca by BolognaFiere‘s growth is reflected in the positive performance of the Private Label; products from the main consumer megatrends are also expanding. Value sales are close to 15 billion euros, marking a +16.9% year-on-year increase. Nearly half of organic sales are private label (Circana data).

Heats up the engines Marca by BolognaFiere, scheduled for January 16 and 17, 2024. Organized in collaboration with ADM – Associazione Distribuzione Moderna and under the patronage of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Bologna Chamber of Commerce, Marca by BolognaFiere represents the first strategic opportunity of the year to do quality business, forge collaborations and develop valuable synergies for all operators and professionals in the sector.

There are more than 1.000 exhibitors at the 2024 edition of Marca by BolognaFiere, distributed in 7 halls and 26.000 square meters of net area, an increase of 22% compared to the previous year, joined by the most important major retail brands, members of the event’s Technical Scientific Committee: Agorà Network, Brico Io, Carrefour, Conad, Consorzio C3, Coop, Coralis, Cortilia, Crai, D.It – Distribuzione Italiana, Decò, Despar, Ergon, Italy Discount, Lekkerland, Marr, Md, PiùMe, Risparmio Casa, Selex, S & C Consorzio Distribuzione Italia and Végé.

While food maintains its prominent role, with more than 800 companies bringing new and trendy products to the fair, non-food is confirmed as a segment of great interest, with increasing space and 250 exhibitors attending. Expanding in this area is the basket of home and personal care products, with a focus on effectiveness and sustainability issues and solutions related to packaging, services and logistics.

The two thematic formats Marca Fresh and Marca Tech are confirmed. Marca Fresh, created in collaboration with SGMarketing, dedicated to fresh and ultra-fresh products, with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability in the sector. Marca Tech, on the other hand, is the exhibition hub dedicated to packaging, logistics, raw materials, ingredients, technology and services for modern organized distribution.

According to Circana’s latest survey, private label in the consumer packaged goods sector is registering major growth trends, generating sales approaching 15 billion euros. Compared with the previous year, there is an increase of 16.9%, with market share at 21.9%. In organic, private label has a strong incidence, with total sales of more than 800 million euros in value and registering an increase of 6.8% over the previous year. Products with territorial value, such as PDO and PGI references, see the private label generating sales in excess of 700 million euros, growing 7.3% and having a market share of 40.5%. In the Free From segment, the private label is also thriving with sales of more than 51 million for gluten-free (+22.6%), about 83.5 million for sugar-free (+37.1%), and nearly 140 million for dairy- or lactose-free (+40.9%). Their respective market shares are consolidated at 7.3%, 9.2%, and 11.8%.

Private Label’s ready meals stand out with sales approaching 400 million euros, registering 13.9% year-on-year growth and 26.6% market share. Data all highlighting the private label’s excellent ability to meet demand related to key consumer trends, offering high-quality products that reflect consumer needs.

It is in this context that at Marca by BolognaFiere takes new shape the IPLS – International Private Label Selection, an exhibition area dedicated to companies’ novelty products, grouped according to 5 mega industry trends indicated by Expertise On Field- IPLC.

Press Release


Bologna, June 2023 – Following the success of the January 2023 edition, Marca by BolognaFiere is preparing to blow out the candles of its twentieth birthday confirming its role as an unmissable event for companies, professionals and buyers operating in the private label sector and major retail brands, both national and international.

The growth and strategic positioning of Marca by BolognaFiere over the last five years has gone hand in hand with the gradual establishment of the Private Label in Italy. The growth of the Private Label was also the focus of the 19th Marca by BolognaFiere Report edited by Circana and presented during the last edition of the event.

Despite a complex environment characterised by high levels of inflation and cutbacks in promotional pressure, private label ended 2022 with total sales of EUR 13.1 billion, up 12% on the previous year and a 20.9% share of LCC (+1.2% on 2021).
Private label also grew in “real” terms, recording a volume trend of +2.9% despite the impact of high prices.
The positive performance of the Private Label goes hand in hand with a concomitant growth in the product range, which reached an assortment share of 15.5%. Looking at the merchandise categories, the Private Label improved its competitive positioning in all departments and in particular in the Fresh produce and Pet Care sectors with growth in value by volume (Fresh produce +5.7% and Pet Care +5.9%).

Approaching the twentieth edition, planned activities are already underway aimed at increasing the representation of national and international buyers, for whom Marca by BolognaFiere qualifies as a key appointment to discover the best offer for private label products.

The presence at the event of the major retail brands is confirmed thanks to the collaboration with ADM – Associazione Distribuzione Moderna (Modern Distribution Association); the sector’s business community will have an extra pavilion at its disposal – 7 in total – confirming the strategic importance of private label both in Italy and in Europe.
A new layout, with larger, more usable and well-organised spaces, where the food sector will continue to play a prominent role, with a significant representative of companies that will bring novelties and products to the fair. Further expansion is also expected for the non-food sector, where the variety of home care and personal care products will become richer, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Confirmed for 2024 the two thematic formats, growing both in terms of exhibition area and exhibitors. Marca Fresh is the area dedicated to sustainable innovation in the fresh segment that will continue to provide space for sharing and in-depth thematic analysis. Positive trend also for Marca Tech, which in January will blow out its ten candles, remaining a fundamental hub for the Private Label supply chain: packaging, logistics, raw materials, ingredients, technology and services in an innovative and sustainable key.

With the aim of securing an increasing number of international chains attending in January 2024 and facilitating the entry of Italian companies into foreign markets, BolognaFiere has implemented several actions to give further strength to the internationalisation process of the event, which already organised over 3.000 B2B meetings between exhibiting companies and visiting foreign delegations: more than 200 foreign buyers have been involved, with significant attendance from North and South America, some eastern countries (Romania and Slovenia), western Europe (France, Denmark, Germany and England), Israel and Saudi Arabia. In this way, particular attention will be paid to the new edition of the Private Label Selection (IPLS) Award, to identify the ten most interesting and innovative branded products for international markets.
The partnership with ICE-Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalisation of Italian companies will continue to encourage the incoming of foreign operators.


Press Release


More than 17,000 qualified operators taking part, +40% compared with last year – Retail groups and exhibitors increase investment in quality and quantity – Boom in international participation – Next year’s event scheduled for 16 and 17 January 2024

Bologna, January 19, 2023 – The nineteenth edition of Marca by BolognaFiere 2023 is celebrating results that exceeded expectations:success in terms of participation and an increase in quality and quantity that clearly sets the 2022 edition apart. Organized in collaboration with ADM – the Italian Association for Grocery Retail and with the support of the Emilia-Romagna regional administration and the Bologna Chamber of Commerce, the event confirmed its role as an unmissable event for anyone involved in the private label sector. Retail groups, companies, buyers, and operators experienced two intense days of top-quality business as well as all the latest news and developments in the sector.

More than 17,000 operators and visitors (40% more than last year) crowded the six exhibition halls and 23,000 square meters of exhibition space (+15% compared with 2022). There was also a larger number of exhibitors, more than 900 companies (+10%), not to mention more than 2,500 brands, that had invested significantly in the quality of their stands, further confirming the importance of this event. This year saw the involvement of 4 additional large Grocery Retail groups, which this year numbered 22, representing the country’s leading retailers. These 22 retail groups all sat on the Marca by BolognaFiere Technical Scientific Steering Committee and at the 2023 edition of the event were also showcasing all their new private label products to an international public. Their stands were filled with a variety of interesting food and non-food products, many of them related to specific moments of consumption, like breakfast, evening drinks and aperitifs.

The fair also attracted significant institutional representation, starting with the packed opening conference organized by ADM, Marca by BolognaFiere and The European House-Ambrosetti, in collaboration with Ipsos and IRi, which was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida; the Deputy Minister for Business and Made in Italy, Valentino Valentini (via video link); and the President of the Emilia-Romagna regional administration, Stefano Bonaccini. The conference included the presentation of the latest Position Paper by The European House-Ambrosetti, a study by Ipsos on the social and economic climate, and the 19th Marca by BolognaFiere Report, the annual snapshot of the role of Private Labels outlined by IRi. At the conclusion of the inaugural conference, Minister Lollobrigida chose to remain for a substantial length of time in the exhibition halls to visit Marca by BolognaFiere and meet with companies, manufacturers and industry professionals.

Thousands of operators then took part in Marca by BolognaFiere’s scientific program, which offered an opportunity to get up to speed on everything related to Private Labels at conferences, presentations of market data, workshops and specialized meetings. Appointments included the presentation of Nomisma’s FMCG Packaging Observatory and the well-attended event “Organic products in Italian Grocery Retail: the evolving scenario, performance, role and market spaces” organized by AssoBio as part of the Being Organic in EU Campaign promoted by FederBio and Naturland and co-financed by the European Union, further confirming the huge interest that the organic sector continues to arouse in grocery retail. Finally, there was also substantial interest in the ADI Packaging Design Award, created to highlight the most innovative products in the Italian packaging sector.

Innovation and sustainability were the keywords at the themed trade events Marca Fresh and Marca Tech. The former, focusing on fruit and vegetables, involved more than 50 exhibiting companies. Claudio Scalise commented: “The fair has confirmed its role as a highly effective and efficient platform for trade and business relations for the world of fresh produce. We witnessed considerable success in terms of participation and interest from the operators also in the conferences that offered opportunities for indepth analysis and discussion with the Grocery Retail sector.”

Success also for Marca Tech, which, with its 1,500 square meters and the participation of more than 60 companies, has now become a key hub for companies that want to stay up-to-date on the most innovative proposals for sustainable logistics and sustainable packaging using biodegradable and compostable materials.

There was great excitement too at the International Buyer Lounge where more than 3.000 B2B meetings took place between exhibiting companies and visiting foreign delegations who were particularly enthused by the functionality and effectiveness of the exhibition. The market’s big return to Marca by BolognaFiere was, in fact, a success that exceeded expectations on the international front as well, registering the attendance of more than 200 foreign buyers of the highest quality. Many had come from North and South America, Eastern European countries (Romania and Slovenia) and Western Europe (France, Denmark, Germany and Great Britain) as well as Israel and Saudi Arabia. The arrival of foreign buyers was the result of both the well-established partnership with ITA- the Italian Trade Agency for the promotion and internationalization of Italian companies and BolognaFiere’s strong push towards internationalization.

In Asia, particularly in China, BolognaFiere is present with its own company organizing Marca China, (Shenzhen, June 6-8, 2023), in cooperation with the Shenzhen Retail Association. Some Chinese chains were present at Marca 2023 (Ren Ren Le and Su Ning Yi Pin with their own showcase).
In North Africa, a Marca by BolognaFiere road show in Casablanca is planned for the autumn, in the wake of the excellent results of the Morocco delegation and the many Halal-certified companies taking
part observed during the fair.

“We are genuinely proud,” explained Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere, “of the results achieved at the 19th edition of Marca by BolognaFiere. We’ve seen the exhibition halls packed with thousands of operators, conferences attended beyond expectations, hundreds and hundreds of business meetings, a very high number of products and companies on display and the excellence of Made in Italy products, both food and non-food. Thank you to ADM, our long-term partner in organizing the fair, thank you to ITA- the Italian Trade Agency that supports us in the push for internationalization and growth, and thank you to all the operators, retail groups and companies that took the opportunity to achieve this success and who, even in these particularly difficult times, wanted to be here to invest in the future.”

“Marca 2023 has confirmed its role as an important event for our economic sector,” commented Marco Pedroni, president of ADM, “an opportunity for direct discussions between all those involved in the sector. This edition also gained significant national recognition. The presence of Minister Lollobrigida and other government representatives obviously generated extra attention. For ADM, it was an opportunity
to reiterate the central role that Grocery Retail plays, a role that is all the more important given the current scenario filled with uncertainty as a result of inflation, raw material supply issues and the current international situation.”

The dates for the next edition of Marca by BolognaFiere have already been selected: next year’s event will be taking place on 16 and 17 January 2024 at the Bologna Exhibition Centre.

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Bologna, 16.12.2022 – Over 900 exhibitors have confirmed their presence at the nineteenth edition of Marca by BolognaFiere scheduled on 18th and 19th January 2023. To complete the parterre of the only Italian fair dedicated to the private label, 22 of the most important retailers of Modern Distribution gathered in the Scientific Technical Committee: Ard Discount, Brico Io, Bricofer, C3, Carrefour, Conad, Coop, Coralis, Cortilia, Crai, Decò, Despar, Italiana, Italy Discount, Lekkerland, Marr, MD, Risparmio Casa, S&C, Selex, Unes and VéGé.

The business community of the sector will have the opportunity to visit the six pavilions involved by Marca by BolognaFiere for the approximately 23,000 square meters of net exhibition area, confirming the growth that the private label is recording in Italy as in Europe.

If the ‘food’ sector continues to be the main one, with around 650 exhibitors who will bring tradition and innovation to the fair, the ‘non-food’ sector also sees its spaces grow with around 250 companies present.
ADM, Associazione della Distribuzione Moderna, historical and strategic partner of BolognaFiere, will take care of the inaugural conference.

The two thematic salons are confirmed. Marca Fresh, the successful format reserved for fresh and very fresh fruit and vegetables, doubles the square meters, now 900, and the number of exhibitors, almost 50. It will be an experiential container for all players in the supply chain, with an approach to the market destined to evolve in terms of innovation and sustainability. Marca Tech, with its 1,500 sqm, confirms itself as a reference hub for companies that want to stay up-to-date and develop technological solutions to optimize the production flow.

Following the great success of the 2022 edition, the 2nd IPLS – “Private Label Ideas and Innovations for International Markets 2023″Awards comes back; it is aimed at finding the best products in the main categories of FMCG, ready to break through to international markets.
The section will be made by a jury of international private label experts who will follow three main assessment criteria: the product’s suitability, originality and sustainability for international markets. (In addition to the 10 winners, the jury reserves the right to mention up to a maximum of 10 other products, which although not selected, have a specific aspect or attribute of particular interest).
The projects selected will receive a specific advice from Senior PL Experts in the various countries on the development potential in new markets of their products and especially, an entry strategy into one of the most promising European markets.

Also, on display at Marca by BolognaFiere are the brands’ novelty products, those released on the market in 2022 or being launched in 2023.

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