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new line of wall safes

Stark cassaforte a muro chiusura a chiave
Stark cassaforte a muro serratura motorizzata

Stark srl, for over 30 years, is synonymous with safety, reliability and resistance.

The attention to market needs and the desire to satisfy the customers in a quick and effective way, led Stark srl to create a NEW LINE OF WALL SAFES with double-bitted key lock and digital motorized lock with 10mm THICKNESS at a VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE: SERIES 1800 and SERIES 1850.

The construction features are those that for decades make the company SYNONYMOUS OF QUALITY: “High-tech” one-piece, LASER-CUT door frame, only 2/10 mm between frame and striker plate, door can be fully opened exposing the entire compartment, high thickness hinges anchored frontally in a protected burglar-proof position, highly resistant fully robotized welding, robust internal weldings, special stepped rabbet door made for resisting effectively AGAINST SLEDGEHAMMER breaking attempts, four-sides back anchoring jerks-proof wings, removable shelves, epoxy coating with double phosphating treatment.

The new wall safe series responds to that part of the market that seeks a product of excellent quality, not necessarily certified, that presents solid construction characteristics but that can have a competitive price.

The new line perfectly responds to this need, with a variety of sizes from 4lt to 59lt. Series 1800 has got double-bitted key lock, series 1850 has got the motorized one with foreign contact of the battery in emergency.

Both series are available from February 2022.


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