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handles of the 332 adapta series

maniglie. Poliplast 332 Adapta
Knob, poliplast
Coordinated. Poliplast
Medium, Poliplast
large, Poliplast
Double color, Poliplast

Poliplast from Treviso is pleased to present the new line of handles of the 332 Adapta series.

It’s a coordinated set of handles in ABS and characterized by sober and elegant lines, suitable for essential and functional furniture.

332 Adapta are made by two pieces (base+cover) that can be realized in different finishes and colors.

The coordinated set has 4 different handle models: 332C Large (192mm interaxis), 332A Medium (64mm interaxis), 332AT Mirror(64mm and asymmetrical sides) and 23Q Knob.
The 332 Adapta handles can be mounted both horizontally and vertically and are provided at your choice in lacquered or satin, metallized or embossed finish; particularly interesting is the possibility to match the satin base with a cubic cover wood-like.
332 Adapta is the latest in the countless ideas of Poliplast furniture accessory that you can find and choose on www.poliplast.net.


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