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ruota accessori mobili omo rocarr

OMO Rocarr was founded in Omegna, Piedmont, in 1953 as a mechanical workshop projecting and manufacturing tools. Just during the years focus the attention above the castors and wheels production, until becoming what the company is to the present days, one of the leader in the European market.

OMO has deeply studied one of the oldest human’s invention, thanks to this, now the company is able to realize more than 20 000 different articles that are different each other for materials, castors, load capacity with the idea of satisfying all the requests of the clients, the real beating heart of the corporate creed.

The production process and the transformation from raw material to final products takes totally place in our establishment where we try, through our highly qualified staff, that every day try to provide an high quality product totally Made in Italy, of course, another pillar of the OMO Rocarr’s corporate creed.


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