MACO presents:

M-PUSH – a generation of push-latches towards the future

cricchetto a scatto m-push maco
montaggio cricchetto a scatto m-push maco
cricchetti as catto m-push varianti maco
cricchetti m-push maco
cricchetto 0497 completo maco
cricchetti a scatto 0496 7 disegno completo maco
cricchetto m-push 0498 completo maco
cricchetto 0498 9 disegno tecnico maco

A new range of Made in Italy push-latches was born, designed and manufactured by MACO, leader in the production of always innovative solutions.

Through a minimal design, the push-latches M-PUSH are the result of a technical and aesthetical research designed to companies, to the most demanding designers and to professional furniture fitters who have at disposal a push-latch which is surprising for the simplicity and for the quickness of installation and regulation.

M-PUSH 0496, 0497, 0498, 0499 is the new and complete range of push-latches which is characterized by the elegance of the shape thanks to soft embossed to avoid any deformation and to reinforce its structure so as to ensure stability during the time.

Available in white, black, light grey and lead grey the MACO’s M-PUSH fits to any furniture and it is manufactured with neodymium magnet or buffer, both of them with stroke mm. 14 or mm. 37, so as to allow the opening of big doors in a more functional way.

Since 1955 MACO has been investing in the future of hardware and furniture fittings of high quality Made in Italy so as to give always new solutions dedicated to the constant development of furniture industry.


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