ATLANTIC MAN presents:

gold, the hose clamp for heavy-duty applications

Atlantic Man collare stringitubo Gold

The GOLD bolt clamp, manufactured by Atlantic Man., is a clamping system built of AISI430 stainless steel (W2) and is designed for the most demanding applications with high operating pressures, which therefore require guarantees of tightness and durability.

The design of the clamp, with its double reinforced loop and three-point welding, ensures a perfect seal in a wide range of applications. The bolt-spacer coupling makes it possible to fasten the GOLD clamp with both electric and pneumatic screwdrivers, while its rounded edges allow it to adhere perfectly to the layout of the hose preventing any kind of damage.

Thanks to its versatility, the GOLD bolt clamp is suitable to secure different types of connections in various application domains, for example in the agriculture for self-propelled irrigation systems or Layflat pipes and in the industry for oleodynamic applications.

The stainless-steel composition gives the GOLD heavy-duty clamp superior performance even in sensitive environments, such as those at high risk of corrosion and oxidation.


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