sicilian cannolo

cannolo, positano forno e cremeria
cannolo al pistacchio, positano forno e cremeria

The Sicilian cannolo is the undisputed king of Italian pastry: a crunchy wafer, artfully fried, filled with a delicious cream. Originally, the dough was rolled on small cylinders obtained from river reeds, which gave the cake its name. Taste our cannoli to give yourself and your guests an authentic moment of delight: we make them with pistachio cream, chocolate cream, lemon cream or orange cream.

“Positano Forno e Cremeria” is an Italian company committed to enhancing the quality and typicality of the products in an innovative way to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Enhancing the excellence of the territory is our mission.
What we work for every day with perseverance is that each of our products is evocative of an emotion.

We want our Sicilian cannoli to bring the bright colors of a window just set up in a Sicilian pastry shop to the eyes and heart of those who bite into it.


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