8 / 11 September 2022

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Sanatech is a new tool to help tackle the challenges of the European Green Deal

Bologna, 2nd March 2021 – Sanatech is the new themed professional fair event dedicated to the production chain for agrifood, animal farming, forestry, wellbeing, organic, eco-sustainable and zero waste production. Sanatech will be integrated with the established and consolidated event SANA, the international Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products.

The expansion of the industrialized model of agriculture and conventional animal farming threatens 86% of species at risk from extinction (24,000 out of 28,000). This disquieting fact was revealed in a report compiled at the beginning of 2021 by the British think tank Chatham House, in collaboration with UNEP (the United Nations Environment Programme) and Compassion in World Farming.

This decade, more than any other, will see a substantial increase in the area of land dedicated to organic farming, thanks to measures introduced by governments across the European Union and in various areas of the world. BolognaFiere and FederBio have created a platform that will serve as a meeting point for all operators involved in organic production and those who wish to make a change in this direction, responding to a market that values sustainability, which is being reflected by consumer demand all around the world.

Sanatech, as part of SANA, will be taking place from 9-12 September 2021. All links in the production chain, from the seed, to agronomy practices, technologies and the most advanced innovations can enjoy a high-profile showcase at Sanatech, where the sector aims to provide a guarantee of the “from producer to consumer” logic that underpins the EU’s Green Deal for a policy that will radically change the way the countries of the EU produce food, to the benefit of the environment and the wellbeing of the population.

Designing a food production system that is fair, healthy and respects the environment requires great experience and guarantees of all links in the production chain all the way to the dinner table, with a “farm to fork” perspective that increasingly reflects the requirements of discerning consumers. This is a field in which Italy plays a leading role at international level for the extraordinary know-how acquired by its producers and institutions and its research into organic production based on guaranteed and certified methods.

Sanatech represents a unique opportunity as a qualified, international showcase of all relevant sectors, thanks also to intense activities of communication and training with Associations and Technical and Scientific Companies in all the related macro-sectors.

A global vision of the whole organic production process, with a particular focus on major themed areas of production, from the cereal production chain to horticulture, salad and the IV range to fruit and vegetables to drinks, forestry, animal farming, cheese production as well as wellbeing and personal care treatments with certified organic products and forms of production. This event is unique for its comprehensiveness and capacity to respond to Italian and European organic producers. 

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