CERUTTI INOX presents:

18/10 stainless steel sieve

setaccio in acciaio inox, cerutti inox
setaccio, cerutti inox
particolare del setaccio, cerutti inox

Made of 18/10 stainless steel and built with the highest standards of workmanship, they are easily distinguished and recognized, just by looking at them and picking them up. Available in 23 versions, with 6 different sizes, from 20cm to 45cm diameter, 4 different links stapled to the metal. These sieves can be used for a long time, without wear being able to alter their quality and stability.

The particular edging makes it possible not to tire the user’s hands and the careful polishing allows you to work with a special product. Unique in its kind for the particularity of construction and materials used, it is intended for the most demanding professionals.


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