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Increase the productivity of your work with Rivit automatic feeders for blind rivets and rivet nuts, which transforms the loading of the rivet into a time-saving operation.
Reducing the time required for automatic loading of fasteners is an essential objective for industrial activity, especially in production lines. This is why Rivit developed and patented different automatic systems, which load the rivet or the rivet nuts directly on the head of the riveting tool and assure more productivity thanks to:

Significant timesaving in installation operations
• Higher operator safety
• Usable with one hand
• The riveting tool can be used with a balancer

RIV606 and RIV609 are the available tools for blind rivets.
RIV606 is an automatic feeder for standard and structural blind rivets, available in several models:
• standard rivets from d.2,4mm to d.3,2mm
• standard rivets from d.3,4mm to 4,8mm
• standard rivets from d.6,0mm to 6,4mm
• structural rivets Magnariv e Monriv d.6,4mm

All systems can have a standard inlet or a right inlet.
RIV606 can be used only with Rivit riveting tools equipped with mandrel suction and storage systems, such as RIV502 – RIV503 – RIV504 – RIV505.
RIV609 is a patented automatic feeder for standard blind rivets, available in 2 models:
– Ø 3.2 mm, with 18mm max. length
– Ø 4.0/4.8mm, with 18mm max. length (head not bigger than d. 9.8mm)
RIV609 is sold usually with RIV503, and can be customized for any tool with mandrel suction.

RIV616 comes for the rivet nuts; it is an automatic system projected for rivet nuts from M3 to M8 with cylindrical or hexagonal shank, dome, countersunk or reduced head.
RIV616 can be used with many different riveting tools for rivet nuts such as RIV938 – RIV939 – RIV941.


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