AGRATI presents:

triple programmable hose reel

carrello triplo programmabile agrati
1000, Agrati
1000 carrello avvolgitubi, agrati

Unlike common underground irrigation products on the market, Agrati’s TRIPLE PROGRAMMABLE HOSE REEL CART avoids excavation work in the ground. It is equipped with 3 independent hose reel rollers, each with its own charging channel, and an automatic programmer installed on the frame that allows to manage the 2 hoses wound on the lower roller with timed programs. The hose wound on the third roller is charged directly and it is not managed by the controller, to ensure a good flow of water at any time.

▪ Steel frame, steel roller, brass connectors
▪ 3 Metal PP coated handles
▪ Strong rubber coated wheels
▪ Removable controller powered by a rechargeable battery
▪ Hose rolls not included
▪ Patented product, unique in the world 

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