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dolce royal, clean label panettone and colomba mix

Promix Dolce Royal Italy Export

Pastry mix for the production of Clean Label traditional Italian sweet breads such as Panettone, Pandoro, Venetian and Colomba. It contains an enzymatic complex that delivers outstanding resilience to the crumb, ensures a pleasant short bite, long-lasting softness, and freshness of traditional Italian leavened pastries. It meets the growing demand for artisanal products free from numbers “E”.

1. Long-lasting softness and freshness
2. Outstanding volume
3. Free from “numbers E”

Dosage: 100%
Storage: Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto, lontano da fonti di calore (<20 °C)
Shelf – life: 12 mesi
Packaging: 15 kg
Ideal for: Panettone, Colomba, Pandoro

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Dolce Royal is Clean Label: Promix aims to replace traditional chemical food additives with 100% natural, effective, and high-performing solutions, avoiding emulsifiers, artificial preservatives, artificial food colors and flavours


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