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babà, the star of the neapolitan tradition

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Among the large group of pastries in our catalogue, one that certainly has a place of exception is the Babà, the star par excellence of the Neapolitan tradition.
Symbol of deliciousness and simplicity, the Neapolitan Babà hides, under a dark surface, a tender and delicate heart, which makes balance its distinctive feature.

Its secret is the consistency, the result of the patience required by the three leavening of the classic recipe, which, combined with the inebriant aroma of rum, enchants the taste buds and then goes straight to the heart.
Being a product of which we are really proud, our Baba is still “broken” by hand by our pastry chefs, according to the tradition.

In addition to the classic “mushroom-shaped” Baba simply soaked in rum (also available in the mignon version) there are:
– The Babaronata, our speciality: base sponge cake with flavored chantilly cream enclosed with rum babà;
Torta babà, traditional Neapolitan cake soaked in rum and garnished with custard and sour cherries.
Babà cream, soft babà soaked with light rum with and cream, available also in the mignon version
Babà Nocciolata, soft babà soaked in rum with and chocolate cream
and hazelnuts, available also in the mignon version.


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