coccobill, the new biscuit with coconut


Deco is the biggest manufacturer of Italian Piadina Flatbread (Loriana brand) and one of the biggest biscuits & cookies producer with the Saltari and Fornai & Pasticceri brands.
Moreover, the company creates Italian seasonal sweets specialities – panettoni, pandori, colombe branded Pineta and Grano Giorgione (100% Italian grain) – and Italian bread substitutes, such as wraps and crostini. Under its main brand Loriana – premium and leading brand of the segment – it offers the widest range of the market.

Fornai & Pasticceri’s Italian cookies – the most recent proposal – are a complete product range of pastry to meet the global market trends. The skill to produce delicious products, combined with the best Italian baking tradition in terms of high-quality and selected ingredients, makes the new range of biscuits the ideal solution for pleasing the ‘snacking cookies’ global segment, which is currently dominant. They are all GMO free, with no hydrogenated fats – while the packs are all made of recyclable materials – perfect for an indulgent snack at any time of the day. Canestrelli are an Italian speciality with their powdered sugar topping, soft and intensely tasty. Crumiri – rice flour biscuits – are made with the finest ingredients and artisanal care. The new Choco Chip Cookies – with pure premium quality chocolate drops and fresh milk – are a true masterpiece of the art of confectionery, bringing pleasure in every bite.

Coccobill is a new biscuit with coconut in a delicious recipe package of 250g.
The character is a famous Italian comic invented by Benito Jacovitti. Coccobill is a cowboy always ready to defend the weak with his horse. He orders chamomile instead of whisky and was a very famous comic.

Nuovo lancio prodotti fornai e pasticceri

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