15 / 17 March 2021

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Awaiting the live edition in January 2022 at Rimini expo centre, Italian Exhibition Group kept the relationship with foodservice alive via its digital platform. The figures are clear: 250 exhibitors taking part, 25% of the trade members from 136 foreign countries. 268 buyers from 60 countries met the companies, resulting in 2,500 meetings and 1,250 hours of web connection

Rimini (Italy), 18th March 2021 – Sigep Exp, the all-digital edition of the Italian Exhibition Group expo dedicated to artisan gelato, pastry and bakery and the coffee world, ended yesterday. An edition organized and staged completely on a digital platform, while awaiting the great appointment in January 2022, once more live at Rimini expo centre (Italy). The objectives achieved were those that the out-of-home community requested to ensure continuity for the market of products and technology of the four supply chains and anticipate the prospects of evolution of the markets, with a great international profile.

The figures are clear: thanks to 250 exhibitors taking part on the digital platform, the organization of IEG and the cooperation with ITA Italian Trade Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, this year Sigep hosted 300 events (42 under the Sigep banner), which generated 25,000 streaming views. 25% of the trade members were from 136 foreign countries (in particular Germany, Spain, France, Brazil and the United States). On the IEG My Agenda platform, 268 buyers from 60 countries met the companies, with 2,500 meetings in 3 days and 1,250 hours of web connection covering every time zone, thanks to the assistance of a task force deployed by IEG, with its network of regional advisors, and ITA Italian Trade Agency, which involved 30 of its offices worldwide. Networking was held in 10 different languages. A total of 5,000 contacts and approximately 10,000 messages exchanged. Moreover, almost 24 million media contacts reached in the three days of the event, 138 journalists accredited and 750,000 unique users making contact via the social channels with the Sigep brand during the days on which the platform was open.

A combination of competence and relations ability that generated a lever for the market able to reinforce the commercial networking, the presentation of new products and the sense of belonging of a sector that has never stopped creating and experimenting a strategy for coming through the pandemic crisis.

Vision Plaza and Sigep Lab inspired the professionals connected from all over the world with market analyses and case histories on one hand, and with in-depth coverage of technologies and product preparation techniques on the other. Artisan gelato confirms its attitude to meet consumers´ requirement for healthy food with excellent ingredients, always continually experimenting and to the fore on the international front with the perspective of arriving at true collections of seasonal flavours. Pastry indicates the need for continual training and cultural refinement, to find its place in the high-end foodservice system, as well as in neighbourhood companies. Bakery transforms the ancestral tradition of yeast into contemporaneity, even in desserts for special occasions, in a combination with cakes and the hundreds of regional variations of bread. In specialty niches, Coffee has found the new channel for making contact with clients. Packaging, communication, social media, sales channels and couriers for delivery round off the Horeca 4.0 ecosystem outlined at Sigep Exp. A result achieved by the work carried out with CAST Alimenti, Association of Italian Gelato Makers, Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs, Conpait, the Organizing Committee of the Gelato World Cup, Specialty Coffee Association Italy and Richemont Club Italy, as well as the long-lasting collaboration with the key periodicals.

The next appointment with Sigep will be live, at Italian Exhibition Group´s Rimini expo centre, from 22nd to 26th January 2022.


Networking, new products, a global insight on product chains and work by master artisans in live workshops: these are the key business aspects of the market that Italian Exhibition Group has planned with Sigep Exp The Digital Experience, from 15th to 17th March on an innovative high-performance platform.

Rimini (Italy), 27th January 2021 – Sigep: the sweet out-of-home experience goes digital from 15th to 17th March 2021 and goes live again from 22nd to 26th January 2022. The leading European expo for artisan gelato, pastry, bakery and the coffee world officially announces the dates and format of its 2021 edition: Sigep Exp The Digital Experience launches a road map that Italian Exhibition Group dedicates to dessert and coffee industry running through 2021 and leading to the live edition in January 2022.

The action to fight the pandemic and government measures do not allow either live or hybrid expos to be held in the first quarter of 2021. The evolution of the supply chains and the market therefore have their preferential communication channel in a digital format, which IEG has constructed along with all the expo´s stakeholders. exhibitors, visitors, association, the ITA Italian Trade Agency and the sectors Media partners – who acknowledge Sigep as a fundamental reference point. The March dates were therefore confirmed to enable the community to meet and network on the market´s innovations, looking to the 2021 season.

Sigep Exp will be a digital experience of dessert and coffe foodservice industry trends and international sweet artisan foodservice techniques. Along with companies´ new products, Sigep Exp The Digital Experience will present a global insight on scenario trends for each of the product chains that have made this expo an icon through the years. These will include the potential offered by the digital world for sales channels, as well as for the issue of sustainability.

But that´s not all. From 15th to 17th March, Sigep Exp The Digital Experience will take trade members into the workshops: spotlighting mixtures, dough and processing techniques, to discover the numerous opportunities for updating and the continuous evolution of the creation of gelato, pastry products and bread.

IEG thus brings together vision, master chefs and established media partnerships, to support the rebirth of a fundamental sector of Italian-made products, which is going through an extremely critical phase but, nevertheless, has not stopped imagining, creating and focusing on a new start.

This situation is completed by a calendar of thematic days that, between March and December, will stud the period leading to the live edition in January.


In January in Rimini the ´Gelato d´Oro´ for the Italian team, but Berlin will also choose the formation that will compete for the 10th edition of the trophy the following year. The first new feature of the next (42nd) International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World organized by Italian Exhibition Group, being held from 16th to 20th January at Rimini expo centre.
CMG president, Giancarlo Timballo: ´SIGEP is also a professional reference point for the German gelato market.´

Rimini, 5th August 2020 – Twin selections at SIGEP 2021 for the Italian and German teams who will take part in the 10th edition of the Gelato World Cup, being held in Rimini in 2022. Alongside the ´SIGEP Gelato d´Oro´ for the Italians, it will be the first time that the German team has been selected at the Gelato Arena, on the occasion of the 42nd edition of Italian Exhibition Group´s International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World, being held from 16th to 20th January at Rimini expo centre.

The second largest market in Europe for artisan gelato (after Italy), Germany has 9,000 enterprise, of which 3,362 are pure gelato parlours (source: Der Deutsche Handwerkskammertag). Registrations for the Gelato World Cup open in September on the SIGEP 2021 web site and a newsletter will provide master gelato makers in Italy and abroad information and updates. The Cup will be divided into four contests, for gelato makers, pastry chefs, a haute cuisine test and an ice sculpture. Past editions have enabled to highlight talents such as Ernst Knam, Roberto Rinaldini, Sergio Colalucci and Eugenio Morrone. SIGEP 2021 therefore confirms its role as the meeting point between the evolution of the market and the creativity that distinguishes this food sector of Italian-made sweet products throughout the world.

Giancarlo Timballo, President of the Gelato World Cup, comments, ´Having the German team in Rimini is very important for two reasons. After Italy´s, the most important market for artisan gelato is precisely Germany´s. The history of gelato in Germany speaks Italian: of course, it´s the third generation of German makers, but their roots are in Val di Zoldo. So it was almost unthinkable for the Gelato World Cup to be without a German team. The other reason is SIGEP´s ability to ability to be a place for creativity and the combination of the various food professions: a place in which professional horizons are expanded. And I believe that Rimini will also be an opportunity for growth for our German colleagues.´

As with all the expos organized by IEG, SIGEP 2021 will also be held in complete compliance with the procedure foreseen by the #safebusiness protocol to ensure the Expo is a safe experience.

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