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SIAL (Global Food Marketplace) – coming to Paris Nord Villepinte from October 15 to 19, 2022 – is delighted to announce its patron for the 2022 edition, Chef Mauro Colagreco.

Own the change,” a theme in keeping with Chef Mauro Colagreco’s values.
Some things are meant to be, and the collaboration between Chef Mauro Colagreco and SIAL is one of those things.
The international trade fair, of which the 2022 theme is “Own the Change,” rallies the entire world food industry to support the changes that are shaping tomorrow’s food, guiding everyone into a collective movement in favor of progress.

The leader of a cookery trend without frontiers, Mauro Colagreco has created a type of cuisine using natural ingredients and following the phase of the moon, an almost philosophical approach.

The Chef is convinced that today it is necessary to change the ways we eat and consume, and he is actively engaged on the path of transforming the world of food through his various establishments.

The Chef has developed the concept of circular gastronomy, which reflects circular economy.

Chef Mauro Colagreco

Since 2009, at his restaurant Le Mirazur – elected World’s Best Restaurant in 2019*–, the chef and his teams established a permaculture and biodynamic garden spanning more than 5 hectares / 12 acres to provide 70% of the fruits and vegetables used in his kitchens.

Another example of the Chef’s intention to change the scheme of things was in 2020 when the Mirazur became the world’s first restaurant to receive the “plastic free” label.
For Mauro Colagreco – a Michelin three-star chef rated 18/20 with Gault&Millau – the role of a chef is to raise awareness among, pass along knowledge to, and serve as a model for employees, partners and clients, as well as the general public.

“I work every day so that the men and women of this planet will be well-fed. It is important for our health as well as that of our planet. Every time we choose what to eat, we choose the world that we want to live in. That is why the “Own the Change“ theme resonates with me. The world has already changed… It is up to us to catch up!”


*Classement The Word 50 Best Restaurant

Press Release


SIAL Paris – the global food marketplace where business begins and develops – presents a unique clarification of the trends rocking the food planet in 2022, and seeks out the best in innovations from all over the world.

Sial Paris opens the debates of this edition with the theme Own the Change, an ongoing focus since 2020, to provide all the keys to creating tomorrow’s food, addressing expectations and initiatives all over the world. The edition to be revealed in October is built on commitment and agility, and is based on an extended programme designed to satisfy the anticipation of the entire food ecosystem.

SIAL Innovation, showcasing the best of the world’s food innovation. Applications are open to exhibitors until August 12, 2022. A panel of experts will recognize the companies whose products are the most innovative in their category.

SIAL Start Up, a brand-new area that will present a fine selection of startups in partnership with Start-up Sesame and FoodTech. The visitors will discover the most innovative French and outside-France young companies.

SIAL Insights/Think Tank encompassing exclusive studies on consumer expectations, product innovations, and food service trends. A new partner, NDP Group, joins the team of experts at Kantar and Protéines XTC in charge of the trend book.

SIAL Podcast a new monthly news broadcast about the food industry that provides guidance to professionals in our ecosystem throughout the year.

Audrey Ashworth

Audrey Ashworth  – Director of Sial Paris

On January 1st of this year, Audrey Ashworth became Director of Sial Paris.
She took over from Adeline Vancauwelaert under the leadership of Nicolas Trentesaux.

What does the Own the Change theme mean to you?
It reminds us that we are all active participants in the change that is underway, and that we must grasp the environmental, ethical, digital and demographic challenges facing the planet. It is up to us to rise to the challenges of food security and changes in consumption habits. It also means
scouting out new talent and nurturing the “young shoots” who are eager to actively contribute to tomorrow’s ecosystem.

What are SIAL’s ambitions ?
We strive to be more than just a trade fair. I hope to develop three precise areas: Business: To continue increasing the extent and diversity of attendees, and to federate and foster contacts and encounters among them, whether before, during and after the event. Inspiration: To provide the content and services that boost professionals in their development, and to supply them with pertinent tools they can use 365 days a year. Experience: To extend guidance and recommendations, and to increase the event’s convenience and simplicity. And to always maintain the conviviality that characterizes SIAL Paris.

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