6 / 9 March 2022

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After the pandemic situation continues to develop dynamically worldwide and it is already clear that strict travel restrictions will apply in March, especially for important Asian overseas markets, Koelnmesse has decided to hold the EISENWARENMESSE – INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR from 25 to 28 September 2022 instead of 6 to 9 March 2022 as planned.



Cologne, 28th June 2021 – The new products and trends of the hardware industry can finally be experienced again live at the re-start of the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne next year. Exhibitors from all over the globe will be presenting their innovations – from tools, through to fixing and fastening technology, to construction and home improvement supplies – in Cologne from 6 to 9 March 2022. After the time-out in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the current number of applications received underlines the significance of the leading global trade fair and the need of the market participants for personal contact, an inspiring exchange, haptic experiences and the desire to return to an environment that addresses all senses. With this knowledge, the leading trade fair is kicking off again in full force in 2022 as a hybrid physical and online event. In sweet anticipation of the diverse new products of the coming event, we are now already taking a look at the current trends and themes of the industry.

Healthy trade: Products are becoming more ergonomic
Health is of course at the top of the agenda these days. However, the hardware industry hasn’t just been occupying itself with this topic since the Corona pandemic. Health-preserving working is one of the focal points when developing innovative products. A new, particularly ergonomically shaped generation of tools facilitates the handling in operation nowadays. For example, they enable very strong materials to be processed with little physical effort or pressure and friction to the body. New electrical tools with ergonomic designs also contribute towards making work easy – without the artisan feeling going astray. Health aspects also determine the design of new machine benches or workshop trolleys, the heights of which enable a back-friendly work posture.

Safety first: Higher degree of safety while working
Safety is a further top theme currently among others due to the Corona pandemic. Not only the extensive hygiene concept of the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne promises the highest level of safety next year. The participating exhibitors and associations are also addressing the topic in manifold ways at present. For example, the Hardware Manufacturers Working Committee has currently recommended a uniform implementation of product safety law in Europe. Safe handling plays an important role particularly when using tools and appliances. In order to improve work safety, the manufacturers are therefore coming up with innovative solutions. Current examples range from new drop guards for tools through to safety brackets for battery packs. One is also on the safe side now armed with new locking systems that work with a fingerprint or smart Bluetooth technology.

More speed: Faster and more efficient tools
As is common knowledge, time is money. This also particularly applies for the trade. In the case of tools for processing wood and metal, the aim of the new products of many manufacturers is thus to accelerate the work process. “High-speed” is for instance the keyword for new manual cutting systems or e-screwdrivers that work at revolutionary speeds. Improved performance can also be observed in the battery-powered saws with increased engine power. Furthermore, new solutions for the simple and fast change-over of device components without additional tools offer efficiency in handling.

Versatile and mobile: More flexible applications
The applications are becoming more versatile in response to the increasingly more complex requirements the trade is faced with. For example, multi-functional devices, which can be utilised for different tasks and are thus extremely variable, stand for a new flexibility. Thanks to new developments in the battery pack technology, there are also more flexible implementation options and more wireless freedom in the case of electrical tools. 20 manufacturers recently formed an alliance in an exemplary cooperation called the Cordless Alliance System to provide more flexibility: The machines, battery packs and charging devices of a wide range of producers can now be easily combined with each other. Even allegedly rigid products such as scaffolding are flexible today: They can be assembled or dismantled very fast and thus increase the mobility on the building site.

Distinguished look: Focus on design
The times when tools and devices were designed from purely functional aspects are long gone. Today, artisan crafts are not only supposed to be fun, they have to look good too. Screwdrivers, pin wrenches, workshop trolleys and other tradesman products are attractive and come in limited design editions. So, it is no wonder that many manufacturers from the hardware industry can currently be found among the winners of famous design prizes. Hardware items such as new fittings and pull-out systems for furniture also stand for compact and slimline design. They ensure both high operating comfort and minimalist aesthetics.

Smart and networked: A digital future
The industry, trade and artisan trade are faced with new challenges due to the Corona pandemic. Mega trends such as the progressing digitalisation are now being further accelerated. New themes such as Industry 4.0 or additive production techniques such as 3D printing and the 5G technology are setting impulses for the future. The hardware industry is reacting here by developing smart products and optimising the digital processes. A stronger focus is thus also being placed on digitalisation at EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne 2022. From 8 to 9 March 2022, the “eCommerce Area” is focusing completely on innovative online trading. The eCommerce rock star, Michael Atug, an expert on eCommerce and the start-up scene, has been won over. Mr Atug will provide exciting insights into the world of the online trade and its future during the days of the fair. As a further highlight, Frank Thelen, the digitalisation guru and investor, will hold a keynote speech and share his expertise – Digitalisation belongs to the future. Furthermore, the expansion of the trade fair into a hybrid physical and online format offers even more possibilities for networking, exchange and the presentation of innovative products.


Cologne, 21st June 2021 – At just under 2,500 registrations, the early bird booking result is a very strong sign and reflects the positive expectations of the industry. The early bird phase was also a success internationally, exhibitors from over 40 countries registered up until the end of May, the foreign share of exhibitors is over 70 percent.

The early booking phase of the EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne closed with an excellent result: By 31 May, companies were able to secure their stand area at the number one event of the tool sector and hardware industry at reduced rates. As a globally established platform for innovation, business and communications, the trade fair is more important than ever before in 2022, especially after having to be cancelled in 2021 due to the pandemic. Both national and international exhibitors are thus particularly interested in being on board at the Cologne fair grounds when the hardware world takes off again.

The interest from abroad grows further
Growing interest from foreign companies was recorded right up until the expiry of the early bird phase. The share of foreign exhibitors continues to be over 80 percent. EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne is thus strengthening its leading position in the trade fair world again this year and is underlining the international significance of the trade fair as a network and business platform of the global hardware industry.

Highlights 2022: eCommerce, DIY Boulevard and Start-ups
“Great interest has been shown in the “eCommerce Area” during the early bird campaign already: Over 40 eCommerce service and solution providers had already registered by 31 May. Like the DIY Boulevard and the Start-Up Stage, the “eCommerce Area” is considered to be one of the highlights of EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne. From 8 to 9 March 2022, this format is focusing completely on innovative online trading. Michael Atug, an expert on eCommerce and the start-up scene, has been won over to provide exciting insights behind the scenes of the online trade during the days of the fair. Furthermore, Frank Thelen, the digitalisation guru and investor, will dive into the depths of digitalisation in his keynote speech. Digitalisation belongs to the future – also in the hardware world.

New: Hall 11
In order to satisfy the required amount of exhibition space, EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne will additionally be opening Hall 11 for the first time this year. This means more space for even more hardware concepts and clearer clustering by segment across the entire exhibition area.

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