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the practical and most wanted hamburger

doppio taglio hamburger, Glaxi Pane
hamburger doppio taglio, Glaxi Pane


The gourmet hamburger bread proposed with a double cutting pre-sliced is practical to serve all the professionals to create creative recipes. having the advantage to save time, only thinking to the filling, ensuring result of a gourmet sandwich.

The hamburger line is made with simple selected and carefully processed ingredients, to offer a high quality and healthy product without addition of preservatives, additives, or GMOs.

The gourmet hamburger bread is offered in more than 23 varieties, from Corn, Multigrain, Brown, to Venus rice Vegetable charcoal, Sesame, and many others. Variety of recipes, flours, colors, formats, to satisfy every taste and amaze with delicious news. The wide range of burgers allows you to choose the right bread according to the filling, and always create new attractive sandwiches for eyes pleasure.

Because not all breads are the same, for each recipe its bread.


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