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panpezzetti, fragrant and crunchy little bread rolls with sea water

Di Leo, Panpezzetti integrali Italy Export
Di Leo, Panpezzetti classici Italy Export

When the sea of Puglia is also good to eat: Di Leo uses a precious ingredient from the past to make a more crumbly, sustainable product with extraordinary nutritional properties.

Dileo Pietro S.p.A, company that has its origin in 1663 in Altamura and based in Matera, dedicated to the production and commercialisation of bakery products, launches a new product on the market: Panpezzetti. The new line of bread substitutes is made with sea water purified for food use. A new product, capable of reviving for those who taste them “all the goodness of the past“, recovering an ingredient used until the last century by the peoples of the Mediterranean area to give natural flavour to food without the need for salt and for the preparation of pasta and bread.

The recipe and nutritional values

Panpezzetti are crispy, 100% Italian wheat and Italian extra virgin olive oil. Available in two 200 g variants – classic and wholemeal – they are characterised by extra crispiness and are rich in macro-and micronutrients. Seawater, in fact, is much more than ‘water and salt’ there are all the mineral salts and trace elements present in our body, including chlorine, sodium, sulphur, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, iodine, zinc and selenium. The result of a successful combination of craftsmanship and modern technology, they are able to offer a wide range of consumption occasions, with the aim of combining nutritional value with the more traditional taste of bread. The perfect snack for every moment of the day, to be enjoyed at the office or as an appetising bread substitute.

Environmental sustainability

Panpezzetti are eco-friendly, in fact they are made with purified seawater for food use, reducing the consumption of potable water, one of the main goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The use of sea water for food use is governed by strict hygiene requirements: it is in fact taken directly from the waters of the Adriatic Sea in Apulia at Bisceglie – Blue Flag of Europe 2022 – through a system of communicating vessels. It then follows an internationally licensed production process that involves several stages of filtration so that it becomes microbiologically pure and able to comply with both the microbiological and chemical-physical parameters envisaged by European Directive (EC) 2020/2184 on water intended for human consumption and the requirements of the Efsa scientific opinion of 29 March 2012 on minimum hygiene criteria for bottled seawater intended for domestic use.

The importance of the supply chain

The company follows a production chain to discover ‘all the goodness of the past’. In fact, since 2016 Di Leo has signed an agreement with Filiera Agricola Italiana that guarantees Italian agricultural products in order to ensure the traceability of the grain used in the production of its biscuits. Di Leo’s entire Fattincasa line is produced exclusively with 100% traced Italian wheat, ensuring the end consumer a sustainable and ethical product at all stages. For the supply chain project, a type of wheat is used that had never been cultivated in the Matera hills but traditionally in the Po Valley, representing a challenge for Di Leo.

Thanks to the agreement with Filiera agricola italiana, sealed by the Fdai mark (Signed by Italian farmers), the total traceability of the supply chain from the seed to the finished product is guaranteed, a sustainable agriculture because the adequate remuneration of the supplying farms and the respect for the agricultural vocation of the territories in line with ESG criteria is recognised.
An important project with which Di Leo once again reinforces the idea that a good product can also be ethical and sustainable, sharing the values of Filiera Agricola Italiana, with total respect for the territory and its main players.

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