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bertoncello polesani olio oliva
bertoncello polesani sesamo

Breadsticks and crackers, ricciotti, guanciotti e kuadrotti. We produce our products choosing healthy ingredients. Our recipes are palm oil free.

POLESANI” are crunchy and crumbly as breadsticks, tasty as rusks. In multipack packaging they are individually packed for Ho.Re.Ca.:
– Breadsticks with intense taste of real olive oil
– Sesame breadsticks with a sprinkling of sesame seeds

Also taste the other recipes: breadsticks with green olives, Breadsticks with extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian, multigrain breadsticks, breadsticks with fresh water, Kamut®Bio.

bertoncello ciabattine olio oliva e rosmarino
bertoncello ciabattine gusto pizza
bertoncello ciabattine mais

CIABATTINE” are crackers tasty and delicious to accompany all meals of the day:
– Crackers with extra virgin olive oil and rosemary
– Crackers ”pizza” taste. An irresistible snack
– Crackers with corn flour. Perfect for a subtle pleasure

The range is completed by: olive oil Crackers, Mediterranean Crackers, black olive Crackers, Crackers without salt and yeast, whole grain Crackers Witamill®, new taste of Crackers source of Omega 3, Crackers Curcuma with sunflower seeds, oat flakes and turmeric and Kamut®Bio Crackers.


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