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Made in Italy quality cooking for three generations

Our Factory, or rather “Officina” as we have always called it, is located in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, in the well-known district of excellence in the production of household items. Here we have been producing for 3 generations with the same passion as always to offer innovative, high quality and entirely made in Italy products.

The use of production with diecast aluminum and high quality coatings, distinguishes and characterizes our products. Articles produced with highly technological machinery but also through hand-finished details, which give the product the value, exclusivity and beauty typical of artisan products.
Not just pots but real cooking tools, attentive to the new needs of good cooking, health and respect for the environment.

Diecast aluminium cookware production

We produce diecast aluminum cookware. This technology allows to obtain different thicknesses, i.e. more aluminum where necessary, for example on the bottom, to obtain a perfect heat distribution, saving energy and having perfect cooking. Die casting is the only production technology that allows you to obtain one-piece aluminum handles, one with the pot body, indestructible and usable even in the oven.

The post-molding finishing is treated with artisan care, with passages in the machine and details finished by hand, which give the product the value and exclusivity typical of artisan products.

We apply latest generation coatings applied by spray, this process allows us to be able to apply various layers of coating reinforced by titanium or mineral particles, so as to obtain the highest quality obtainable today both from the point of view of non-stick and high resistance to use.

Healthy and natural Olympia cuisine

Healthy and fat-free cooking is the premise for following a healthy life and it is possible thanks to Olympia’s high-performance products, entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, produced with materials certified according to the strictest international provisions that regulate products in contact with food; aluminum for food, coatings suitable for food contact, PFOA FREE and NICKEL FREE; products that respect the environment and health.

Olympia Diamant Plus
Olympia first
Olympia hardcook grillpan
Olympia hardcook speciali

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