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In the 1990s, the entrepreneurial intuition of two brothers, Domenico and Francesco Campitiello, gave rise to the idea of tackling the cured meats market with an approach geared towards continuous technological innovation.
An idea that soon proved to be a winner, allowing the company to develop exponentially in just a few years.

Huge investments in the purchase of new machinery and far-sighted strategic development plans have enabled Jomi to acquire prominent positions in the cured meats market.

Jomi has always been innovation-oriented and creates products of excellence, with a careful approach to both quality and ethical aspects.

In relations with collaborators, suppliers and customers, intermediate and final, long-term relationships of mutual trust are established, aimed at listening to and satisfying all needs and expectations. It is the attention to detail and individual choices that make the difference on the final product, and for this there is careful control over the entire supply chain, from raw material to tray.

A young and dynamic company, to date, Jomi boasts respectable numbers: over 50 million in turnover and a human resource base of 50 employees.

Jomi’s production extends over 6 production sites, where the various production phases of cured meats take place, from the selection of the raw material, the curing and ageing of raw ham, coppe, pancetta and salami, and the production of cooked products, to slicing, which takes place on 17 production lines.

Product safety is guaranteed by the strict application of the HACCP system and the professionalism endorsed by the certification of the Company Management System for Quality according to BRC and IFS standards.

Jomi products are inimitable because they bear witness to a unique territory. Their flavour, quality and distinctiveness arise from the fusion of traditional processing and the characteristics of the places. For Jomi-branded products, this link is present at every stage of the production chain, from processing to packaging. As a further guarantee of the products, Jomi has joined the most important Italian Consortia that certify their quality, from the raw material to the workmanship.

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