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The tomatto® brand was born from the experience of the Rivadossi brothers, an Italian family with a long history in the household items. The company was founded in 1963 and then became an important inheritance left by the founding father.
Over the years the family business has become a nationally wellknowed company with the important goal of gaining prestige also in the international market thanks to the distribution of the tomatto® brand.

The Fratelli Rivadossi company was born as a manufacturing company and evolved to the point of being able to create items in all-round process. Over time they have been realized: a producing department for plastic materials, a producing department for metal parts, an assembling and packaging department, a maintenance and moulds department and a quality control department.

The tomatto® products are the result of a true production quality and accurate controls during each production process, the pride of writing “made in Italy” on the products.

The tomatto® brand is born from the desire to export our made in Italy products around the world and with a clear vision of the future in the kitchenware market. The tomatto® idea is born from the passion of the Rivadossi brothers who carry on the Family experience and who remain strongly anchored to their values because they live with the articles they produce, inside and outside the company.

The tomatto® brand is the representation of the Italian genius and style that has always rooted in its culture the love for good food.

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passaverdura inox deluxe legno, tomatto
passaverdura inox, tomatto
passaverdura inox economy, tomatto
posate acciaio inox linea boston, tomatto
posate acciaio inox linea inglese, tomatto
set da tavola 3 pezzi, tomatto
caffettiera manico in silicone, tomatto
caffettiera lattiera, tomatto
caffettiera turca, tomatto
caffettiera creamer - tomatto
mstolame nylon deluxe, tomatto
grattugia color, tomatto
passaverdura in plastica, tomatto
pentola casseruola cuociscola, tomatto
pentola friggitrice inox, tomatto
pentole casseruola conica inox, tomatto
pentole ecotherm, tomatto
mestolame acciaio inox, tomatto
molle acciaio inox, tomatto
grattugia acciaio inox, tomatto
grattugia, tomatto

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