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Established more than 30 years ago in a small village at the foot of the mount Etna, D.T.S. Dolciaria – Pennisi boasts of a wide range of products while emphasizing the importance of the most well known Sicilian sweet, the cannolo.
At home Pennisi, Sicilian pastry is the family tradition and we make sure all of our sweets encompass the beautiful folklore and hystoric and cultural heritage of our native land.
The production of the cannoli shells is processed following the old family recipe.
We are proud to be artisans and we feel we are the custodians of traditional Sicilian pastry, so we carefully choose the ingredients of our sweet.
Over the years, our love for this unique and strictly typical sweet led us to improve its features and make it valuable even without filling, which still joins our product in an indissoluble and idyllic marriage, be it cream or fresh ricotta.

Today, the wafer made tasty and fragrant manages to maintain its crispiness long enough to be able to relish the taste of the cannoli filling the next day.
Our efforts and tenacity to date have rewarded us, making us appreciated and well known more and more in the field, thus reaching increasingly important and prestigious foreign markets, allowing us to bring the naive sweetness of our island all around the globe, which we are very grateful for.
Today we have extended our production to other traditional confectionery products such as: Martorana (or Marzipan) fruit, Almond paste, Pistachio almond paste, Almond croccante, Pistachio croccante, Soft nougat with almond and pistachio, Candied fruit peel, Pistachio pesto, Pistachio cream, Panettone and Colomba.
Our secret is a mix of tradition and modernity which makes sure that all products are crafted with style and quality.

“The peculiarity of Sicilian sweets is that you feel all the generosity of those who prepared them…” Orazio Pennisi

DTS Dolciaria Pennisi, crema di mandorle
DTS Dolciaria Pennisi cannolo
DTS Dolciaria Pennisi pasta di mandorle
DTS Dolciaria Pennisi pasta di mandorle scatola

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