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CU Artigiana was founded in 1983 after many years of experience in working with cooper and brass. The company draws also from the traditional culture of the area where it is located, where for centuries the artisans of Sant’Anastasia have worked with copper.
We at Cu Artigiana respect and maintain this heritage by retaining unchanged the traditional production processes.
Specialized in the production of gifts, home décor, and items for cooking use.
Our cookware is of exceptional quality and beauty, entirely hammered by hand and then tinned over an open flame. For the natural properties of the metals, enhanced through the traditional production process, our cookware is an indispensable part of a serious chef’s kitchen.

Specifications coming from Ancient Traditions
In our modern era of machines and automation, only a strong passion can bring us to the choice of maintaining an entirely by hand, craftsman based production process. Passion, art and tradition melt together to create a unique and precious object: the copper pot.
Every last detail is the fruit of careful creation, done by hand by our Master Coppersmiths.
The selection of the raw materials, begins with our trusted suppliers who can guarantee only the purest copper, tin and brass. The copper also must have just the right characteristic to be able to be perfectly moulded. The brass for handles arrives at our shop in pure ingots, which we then melt into our own casts. Lastly, the tin we use in only 100% pure tin for cooking purposes, according to international regulations, proof of which is demanded for every batch we receive.
Shaping, for our most exclusive pieces we create each shape by hammering the copper over a mould. Other pieces are instead shaped using a manual lathe.
Hammering is completely done by hand using a variety of different tools and hammers. This process not only gives beauty to the pot but it adds strength and durability to the copperware.
The technique we use for tinning the interior of the pots is known as “fire tinning”. It is done entirely by hand over an open flame, by spreading the pure melted tin with a cotton ball all over the cooking surface.
The cleaning and polishing is done using exclusively biodegradable products, and the polishing is completed by hand until a brilliant lustre is attained.
The handles are finally attached to the pot using rivets to guarantee a long lasting strong grip.

Heat Conductivity – Energy Saving
The secret behind the excellence of food cooked in copper pots is the conductivity of copper, which is more than twenty times that of steel. This means that heat will spread quickly around the pot, even to the lid, creating a homogeneous diffusion of heat on the inside that allows the food to cook uniformly without burning on the bottom. For this reason cooking can be done at a much lower temperature with less energy expenditure.

peciera rame, cu artigiana
pentola pasta in rame, cu artigiana
oliera in rame, cu artigiana
pentola in rame, cu artigiana
pentolini in rame, cu artigiana
stampi in rame, cu artigiana

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