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For over thirty-four years, Campo d’Oro has been producing preserves and food specialties of the highest quality in Sicily.
The company is located in the heart of the Sicilian countryside, about 50 km from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, in an uncontaminated environment, surrounded by ancient olive trees. It is far from sources of smog and noise, where nature, scents and colours blend together.
Most of the raw materials come from the family farm where both the choice of seeds and the right degree of maturation are taken care of.

The love for the environment and the passion for the homeland has led the company to make important choices, combining technologically innovative and eco-sustainable investments
Production is carried out in a technologically advanced laboratory, powered almost exclusively by a photovoltaic system and two wind turbines, minimizing CO2 emissions into the environment and heat recovery, to recover both heat loss and that of power.
For several years, the family farm has been promoting and supporting the authenticity of raw materials and territoriality, respecting the environment, trying to produce in the most natural way possible without pesticides, with a 0 km supply chain, reducing emissions of CO2 in the environment.
In addition, together with Climate Partner, Campo d’Oro is able to calculate and reduce carbon emissions and to counterbalance the emissions that have not been abated, leading the company and its products to become carbon neutral.

Campo d’Oro produces over 123 products, divided into three lines: Campo d’Oro, Villa Reale and Villa Reale Supreme.

The Campo d’Oro line is both a conventional and organic line, addressed to Italian and foreign large-scale retailers with a wide selection of pesto, ready-made sauces, specialties and sweet creams. The recipes are produced almost exclusively with Sicilian PDO and PGI ingredients, such as the Sweet Cream with Pistachio of Bronte PDO, the Tomato Sauce with the Caciocavallo Ragusano PDO or the Caponata with the Capers of Pantelleria PGI.

The Villa Reale line is a rustic line that recalls the Sicilian culinary tradition. It is packaged, with a label on the cap, as it used to be in the past. It can be found in gourmet shops, wine bars, delicatessens and specialized delicatessens.

The Villa Reale Supreme line is the luxury line of Campo d’Oro, created with a particular packaging. It is aimed mainly at luxury markets, duty free, and luxury gourmet shops created with special recipes and ingredients of the highest quality.

Campo d’Oro is attentive to the excellence of its preserves, in fact, since 2010, the company has adopted a certified BRC, IFS, Iso 22000, Bio, Fda and Kosher Skis and Halal quality system.
The company tries to offer only the best that its land offers, genuine and processed products without any chemical additives and preservatives.
Campo D’oro exports its delicacies all over the world from Europe to the United States from the United Arab Emirates to Japan.
The moral of Campo d’Oro is the constant search for excellence, while the dedication to the good becomes a constant commitment!

Campo D'Oro, caponata di melanzane
Campo D'Oro, ciliegino semisecco villa reale supreme
Campo D'Oro, crema di pistacchio
Campo D'Oro, sugo alla Norma
Campo D'Oro, sugo al tonno
Campo D'Oro, pesto di pistacchi

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