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Founded in 1979, Antik Ars presents Delizia Line: fireproof quality.

Delizia: The pleasure to cook with frying pans, pots, saucepans, broilers, stew pans in pressure die-cast aluminium and covered with a special non-stick material for a natural and fat-free cooking.

From wok to fish kettle, to crêpe pans, Delizia offers a complete choice of kitchen utensils for cooking. The special spiral shape in the bottom of the plate (6 and 8 mm thick) allows heat to spread quickly and evenly with considerable energy saving and impeccable culinary results.

All the details of the Delizia line are prepared with great care: it has wooden handles, designed in such a way as to reduce the size to a minimum also in the washing machine, folding or easy to extract thanks to an exclusive device in brass, which prevents the clamping thread from wearing out.

The Pyrex heat-resistant lids make cooking easier thanks to glass transparency.
With Delizia in the kitchen, life is easier and healthier.

antik ars bistecchiera pressofuso
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antik ars padalla delizia
antik ars bistecchiera manico pieghevole

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