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Aldo Bonanni

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Aldo Bonanni has been proudly making delicious biscuits since 1920. And now after a hundred years, their simple yet exclusive recipe hasn’t changed at all. The totally natural ingredients and the skill born of tradition give this product all the wholesome, genuine and fragrant taste biscuits used to have in the old days.

Although it is a biscuit, it can also make an excellent dessert, accompanied by a glass of good dry white wine to enhance its taste and quality.

These typical biscuits are ideal or for a tea break or as a pleasant snack during the course of the day. They are also recommended at the breakfast table, especially for children or amateur athletes who need a highly digestible product. The elegant packaging fits every occasion: a simple breakfast at home or the need to make an eye-catching gift. If you care about genuineness, quality and tradition as much as we do, you really can’t miss tasting our biscuits!

biscotti esse di raveo, bonanni
esse raveo, bonanni
latta biscotti esse raveo, bonanni

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