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AB Mauri Italy s.p.a.

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Registered Office
Via Milano, 42
27045 Casteggio PV

Tel. +39 0383 8931

Operational Headquarters
Via Milano, 42 – 27045 Casteggio PV
Via S. Pietro, 19 – 25033 Cologne BS

AB Mauri’s Group

AB Mauri is part of Associated British Foods plc, a global leading company focused on the production of yeast and bakery ingredients for bread, pastry and pizza.
AB Mauri counts 7,000 employees, 50 plants in 32 countries and sales in more than 100 Countries.
In Italy it counts about 250 employees and a turnover of more than 100 million €.
AB Mauri includes two operational sites: Casteggio (PV) where fresh, dry and inactive yeasts are produced; and Cologne (BS) where the heart of the production is all about bakery ingredients for bread, pastry and pizza.

AB Mauri Italy is focused essentially on B2B, supplying yeast and raw materials to craft producers and major players in the food industry. Furthermore, it sells yeast and ingredients on the B2C channel as well, especially for large retailers. AB Mauri ingredients reach over 15,000 stores in Italy.
AB Mauri ingredients are used to produce more than 1,5 million tonnes of bread, pastry and pizza specialties per year.
It is estimated that about 40% of the population in Italy consumes food made with AB Mauri ingredients at least once a year.

AB Mauri - Italmill Scrocchiarella
AB Mauri - Italmill Scrocchiarella crudo e rucola
AB Mauri - Italmill Scrocchiarella prosciutto crudo
AB Mauri - Italmill Scrocchiarella Sandwich
AB Mauri - Italmill Scrocchiarella slice

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