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Progeo Molini is a key component of the Progeo Sca Group, the largest service company in the Italian agro-food sector.

Founded in 1992 following the merging of Emilia-Romagna’s cooperatives, it has inherited a history dating back to the immediate post-war period. Against this background, Progeo Molini has a well-defined purpose: to deliver the best quality in a transparent, genuine and attentive manner while promoting responsible use of the land.

To effectively reach this goal we focus on the knowledge and skills of our partner suppliers, research technicians and the personnel who work every day in the production of our flours. It is this spirit of willingness to share that sees the customer as the linchpin of our everyday work.

Our knowledge comes from dialogue with the agro-food market, professional artisan bakers, pastry-makers and industrial producers. Our technical skills are built on continuous research and experimentation, because we are constantly supporting both our partner suppliers and the end customer. The sharing of skills stems from the same philosophy that places traceability at the heart of our work: the production of flour is not simply limited to milling, but embraces the entire production chain from the selection of seeds to their cultivation and finally the transformation of that flour into delicious and healthy food whether at home or in a professional setting.

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