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Francesco Mosca: for over 40 years, Chianti’s true home-made Porchetta 

Since 1975, a selection of pigs of guaranteed Italian origin are used to make the true Tuscan home-made Porchetta; made by hand as tradition has it and exclusively oven roasted, just like a real home-made dish.

With its genuine flavour and typical delicious taste, the “Mosca” Porchetta is a guarantee of top quality. You can find it in the best supermarkets, at motorway service station snack shops, country fairs and street markets.
Only meat, flavourings and lots of hard work
My Porchetta is very healthy because it is made with choice meat of top quality Italian pigs, combined with natural flavourings, and a long and patient manual preparation.

The pig trunks are carefully deboned and all excess fat is eliminated. Then they are sprinkled with salt and pepper and massaged by hand. Then come the flavourings: garlic, rosemary and a mixture of Mediterranean aromatic herbs; the meat is once again massaged by hand so that it can absorb the aroma of the flavourings; lastly, the Porchetta is sewn back together and tied before being oven roasted for 5 hours.

CEE Certification: IT 9-3213/L CE

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speziatura porchetta, mosca francesco

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