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When La Pizza +1 was founded in 1996, the founder Sante Ludovico made a commitment: to combine the wholesome quality and flavour of the finest traditional Italian bakery products with large-scale distribution.

His wish was for everyone to be able to enjoy pizzas and focaccias created with the same loving craftsmanship and simple yet carefully-selected ingredients of a homemade product.

From that day on, the company has worked tirelessly on several fronts to provide a truly excellent product. The careful selection started with the suppliers, who were chosen because they were able to guarantee traceability and raw materials of undisputed quality. The aim is to reproduce the dynamic of short supply chains typical of artisanal production. Research continued from an organisational and technical point of view: innovative solutions were introduced into the production to ensure the maximum hygiene levels at every stage of the manufacturing and packaging process to guarantee a product which stays fresh and delicious for longer. This daily commitment provided excellent results: today, La Pizza +1 is present across Italy and is expanding on the international market.

And in response to growing demand, the headquarters has recently been expanded with the addition of a production area. Everything revolves around quality, an essential value which tells the story of the company’s food culture and respect for tradition. In order to protect the heritage of care and attention to the products made by “La Pizza +1” and thereby guarantee the customer’s choice, the line of focaccias and pizzas especially for the bakery counter now bears the name “Forno Ludovico”, after the founder of the company.

These are such distinctive products that the consumer asks us expressly to characterise their packaging (which, until yesterday, was neutral on the front) with a personality and an identity which allows them to be traced back to a producer capable of providing reassurance concerning the natural, artisanal positioning, cementing and enhancing it. That is how the new Forno Ludovico brand was born, and in the coming days it will start to adorn this specific line from our range.

Here, where La Pizza +1 had already been offering focaccias for the refrigerated section for years, thanks to our specialist expertise, we have managed to bring to life a great innovation which has been the most significant phenomenon on the market in the last two years.

We have developed a line of focaccias (to be stored out of the fridge) packaged at a fixed weight which, without the use of any preservatives, can offer a level of quality which meets the consumer’s expectations not just for immediate consumption, but also for possible consumption at a later time. These products can be kept for several days by the consumer, as they are supplied to the client with a 15-day shelf life.

This launch has changed the paradigms of the industry, recording by far the highest product turnover in the entire market. These focaccias – packaged in a modified atmosphere in paper-like flow pack wrappers, with a “short” ingredient list, using only extra virgin olive oil and with an appearance which certainly makes them very close to the artisanal product – have replaced another type of product offered by large companies which attempted to establish themselves with offers supported by significant marketing investments and longer shelf lives, but recipes which were undoubtedly less “natural”.

In 2018, this line of La Pizza +1 ambient focaccias recorded double-digit growth, the highest product turnover rates on the market by far, and strong growth of the market share.

Today, the full Forno Ludovico range includes 6 focaccias and a tomato pizza.The flavours of the focaccias include the classics traditional, cherry tomatoes, olives, onions) alongside more modern recipes which are in line with the evolution of the consumers, such as 6 Grains and Quinoa. The packaging of the new brand retains the characteristics that brought about the success of the previous one, with the transparent window showing the product and a havana colour reminiscent of the paper bags typically found at a bakery. The success of these products has convinced the company to continue along the path of Italian tradition.

Now, La Pizza +1 is proud to present the latest additions to its range, the Pinsa, made with a unique dough which is different from other types of pizza, and the authentic Focaccia Genovese Croccante “Il Borgo”: made according to the age-old recipe and the finest Ligurian tradition at our Artisanal Workshop in Campo Ligure (GE). The recipes include no preservatives, just natural raw materials: extra virgin olive oil, the only kind capable of giving the focaccia genovese its unmistakable flavour, and the finest flours, blended in just the right proportions to obtain the perfect balance between strength and elasticity.

Great results are achieves with passion, care and expertise: the artisan baker kneads the dough, rolls it out, waits patiently for a traditional slow rise, then leaves their mark on every single item.

The focaccia is entirely handmade, cooked, then left to dry in the oven. This process gives our focaccias the characteristic open crumb and fragrance that make them unique and special. At our bakery, tradition meets innovation: the artisanal process is completed and complemented with the most modern tools, technology and controls.

The result is excellence: the Focacce Genovesi Croccanti have all the requirements to be unique and delight even the most refined and demanding palates.

La Pizza +1 believes that listening to the consumer and the various needs of the market is key. The organic range is the response to growing attention to sustainable farming, and as such, it is made with raw materials which come exclusively from organic agriculture or farms.

La Pizza +1 has obtained the following certifications as a guarantee of its quality and attention to the product.

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