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Industria Molitoria Denti srl

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Via Rosario Livatino, 3/A
42020 Borzano di Albinea RE

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By three generations, we are millers of wheat in Borzano of Albinea (RE) and Vicofertile (PR), among the fields of Emilia, the heart of the Italian agro-food excellence. With experience, passion and technology, we create high quality flours for every professional and craft use. Our product range includes more than 50 types of flours and more than 300 different blends developed for our customers.

Bread-making Flours
Over 30 types of flour developed specifically for bread-making.

Flours for Pizzas
20 types of flours that can adapt to any “idea” of pizza, ensuring consistent results for tasty and fragrant products.

Flours for Pastry and Fresh Pasta
From flours for biscuits to flours for sweets with long rising times. Special flours for traditional fresh pasta and filled pasta.

Denti’s Selection Flours
A range of flours dedicated to each individual home use.

INFIBRA, with the heart of the grain
Professional flours, source of fiber and mixed with wheat germ, created to enhance what nature gives us in the wheat grain.

Professional flours, source of fiber and mixed with wheat germ and seeds, created to offer something new or to enhance baking products.

INFIBRA, Top Italian Chef’s Selection
With our desire to improve our products and to create excellent flours, we started our collaboration with Top Italian Chef, an important network of Italian Top Chefs who have selected these flours for their preparations.

Gluten Free
A selection of mixes without gluten ideal for bread, pasta, pizza and sweets.

Find out more about our flours, recipes and Top Italian Chef’s suggestions at:

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farina, molino denti
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